Aardvark promotes each and every day! Our dedication to your family. To supply a warm and loving environment. To encourage feelings of cooperation, friendliness, and self esteem. To aid kids acquire effective patterns of speech, evolve control of tiny and huge muscles, and to evolve an intellectual base necessary for successful learning.

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  City Glen Mills, PA
  Zip Code 19342
  Address 335 Cheyney Rd
  Phone Number (610) 358-8998

From Our Website

Aardvark Child Care providing quality care in a wonderful atmosphere where children can learn, grow and play! Excellent teachers that have a love for children, a sense of humor, and a commitment to providing the high quality care that Aardvark promotes each and every day!

Since 1984, Aardvark Child Care & Learning Centers have been providing quality care to hundreds of satisfied families. Our centers are clean, safe and educational! We're a 501(c)(3) agency that fosters the intellectual development of young children while nurturing the child's ability to think skillfully and critically. We strive to instill values such as compassion, helpfulness, self-discipline, and respect for others in a supportive and developmentally appropriate environment. Children are constantly learning, right from birth.

Our program is designed towards a baby's exploration of the world in an environment that includes hugs, laughter and learning. The program follows excellent health and safety guidelines while providing flexibility for parents. Parents design their child's daily program, including feeding and sleep schedules. Our caregivers promote small and large motor skills and encourage social interaction in a secure and nurturing environment. Our caregivers are always talking to your child, which also will promote language skills.