The primary aim of A.B.C. is to supply the highest possible service and service for you and your child. We are here to learn and grow with you and your family and our doors are always open for visits and participation. If you should ever need assistance in any way, please don't hesitate to call or stop in and see one of our Administrators or myself. We look ahead to having you as a part of our family.

Contact Details

  City Oxford, OH
  Zip Code 45056
  Address 6945 Harisn Av
  Phone Number (513) 353-5437

From Our Website

The mission of ABC Childcare & Preschool is to provide developmentally appropriate activities and quality care for children ages six weeks to 11 years. We believe each child is unique and should be treated with love, respect, and care. To enroll your child or for additional information about our offerings, please call 513-353-5437. Our center offers full- and part-time programs led by trained and educated professionals who work with you to provide a safe and supportive place for your child. These programs are designed to meet the individual needs of each child.

The courteous, well-trained, and certified staff at ABC Childcare & Preschool are sincere about nurturing your child's development and love for education. Their talents and convictions are vital to the success and quality of our programs. Throughout the day, a teacher guides the children's learning with thoughtful lesson planning and preparation. This includes asking open-ended questions, making cautious suggestions, encouraging problem-solving skills, and creative thinking. Another important role of the teacher is to carefully observe and document your child's individual progress and relay any questions or concerns to you, the parent.

ABC Childcare & Preschool's programs are designed to stimulate, educate, and entertain children based on their abilities and age. Our offerings are flexible enough to allow our staff to work with each child individually. The full-day preschool program includes a class schedule as well as child care from the hours of 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. To get the most of the program and to provide a daily routine, we ask that the children be at the center by 9:00 a.m. Parents may enroll their children anywhere from two to five days per week.