At 1st glance you may think we're just another childcare center. Looking beyond the crayolas and plastic play structures you'll find a very unique and wonderful child centered environment. A web site cannot communicate the wonder on a childs face as he interacts with live fish in a water table, or the sense of accomplishment a child feels when the seed she has planted starts to sprout, or even the loving interactions of a teacher helping kids deal with conflict in a way that empowers all people involved.

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  City Palo Alto, CA
  Zip Code 94306
  Address 3650 La Donna Avnue
  Phone Number (650) 493-7597

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We believe that inspiration comes from expected and unexpected places. Here are some of our favorite resources which have influenced our thinking and shaped our pedagogy. Staying current with new research while remaining connected to foundational ideas gives us stability and vision. We hope you will engage with these resources and find ideas that inform your thinking, inspire your vision, and motivate your actions. Children the Challenge--by Rudolph Dreikurs. This book - which is a valuable resource for parents of preschool children - provides a model of how to address behaviors and issues through logical consequences, healthy limits and clear choices.

Staying current with information and research in early childhood education keeps us inspired and motivated. Part of our mission is to share what we have learned with other educators. Barron Park Preschool is committed to helping educators at every level develop their professional skills and careers. The preschool hosts various events and educator exploration days at our location in Palo Alto throughout the year. Kim and Tom facilitate in-service trainings and workshops on creativity, play-based learning, and emergent curriculum.

Children have an unlimited potential to love and to learn. Empowering children, parents, educators, and communities who will shape a more empathetic, creative, and loving world. We honor children by providing an environment that nurtures their inherent desire to direct their own learning through play while supporting families and educators to preserve childhood. One of the most important decisions a parent will make is where to entrust their young child. These formative years of birth to five are both unique and pivotal to your child's development, and it's important you feel they are in the best hands possible.