The Bay Area Kinderstube BAKS is a German-language preschool for kids between the ages of 2 and 5. Our goal is to make German language development an important part of the social-emotional, physical, and cognitive development of the child. The BAKS program seeks to stimulate language ability through play and theme-based preschool activities.

Contact Details

  City Albany, CA
  Zip Code 94706
  Address 842 Ky Rte Boulevard
  Phone Number (510) 525-3105

From Our Website

Students entering BAKS+ classes are expected to understand and speak German-and for older students, read and write German-at an age-appropriate level. Parents of potential new students should contact our directors at if they have questions about whether BAKS+ is likely to be a good fit for their child in terms of language level. Send a check (made out to Bay Area Kinder Stube) to Bay Area Kinderstube, Attn: BAKS+, 842 Key Route Blvd., Albany, CA 94706, that covers the following: enrollment fee ($30 per student), materials fee ($60 per student per class), deposit ($120; only applicable for new students), and tuition, if paying in advance for the school year (tuition discount applies).

The program at BAKS is independent and progressive, taking what we think are the best ideas and materials available, and creating a nurturing and inspiring environment that helps our children grow on all levels: emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually. The BAKS philosophy is based on the conviction that play is the essential way in which preschool children experience and manipulate their environment. Children come to school with a deep curiosity about everything. BAKS therefore offers many unhindered play opportunities and provides a selected variety of activities to choose from at any time.

Newly enrolled children start at the beginning of each school year (next year, August 18th, 2021). At the time the new school year commences, the child must be 2.5 years old. Application forms are due January 31st of that same year. Enrollment takes place in February. During that time period, all families in our application pool list will be contacted by our director. Please be aware that due to our small program, we have very limited spaces available each year. The selection of new students is at the school's discretion.