We trust that your child's educational, social, physical, and emotional development is very important. That is why we concentrate on every kind of your child. We believe that a strong partnership between parent, child and team is vital to the learning process. Our team is specially experienced and trained with educating kids of all ages. They are totally committed to you and your child/kids.

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Whether enrolled full- or part-time, your child will benefit from Care to Learn's exclusive programs. We focus on meeting each individual child's developmental and educational needs. Children are guided and encouraged by our experienced teachers, and advance through each program at their own pace. Because children learn best when they are actively involved, classrooms include rich learning centers to explore. Self-directed investigations and play build problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Our exceptional before and after-school program combines guidance and security with independent exploration to give school age children the freedom and structure they need. They're inventive, so we encourage dramatic play and arts and crafts. They're adventurous, so we plan field trips, games and cooperate in community projects. They're building social skills, so our teachers promote activities that foster teamwork. And they're unique, so each student's needs are considered, from help with homework to a quiet place to read.

Toddlers are ready to learn everything and we are ready to teach them. Properly stimulated, they will learn more than you can imagine. We will use many different methods to teach the names of objects, colors, letters, and shapes to stimulate their young minds. Art projects are also used in teaching. We count and play learning games to show them that learning is a fun process. Toddlers love to sing and be sung to, and they will come home singing lots of new songs. Your child will be experiencing Jell-O/whip cream play, and other things that involve their sense of touch.

By the time your child reaches the pre-school/pre-kindergarten level, they will be fully prepared to enjoy the learning experience. You want an atmosphere where your child can make friends and share the fun of learning with other children. This is where we help children learn to love school. Through proper interaction, children will do a lot of learning without knowing that they are learning. By learning through play, children not only learn the lesson; they learn social skills as well. Your child will be experiencing math by counting blocks, science will be taught with the use of toys and art projects.

Young Explorers Camp means exciting weeks of adventure and fun. The center provide a quality summer program that is structured to enhance learning, social and physical development skills. Free lunch sponsored by the USDA will be provided throughout the summer.

Young Toddlers are beginning to think through their actions, solve problems and understand language. They thrive on new experiences, so we provide them with a safe, nurturing environment that allows each child to develop naturally, individually and happily. Daily progress reports give you information on care routines like eating, napping and diapering.