VISION As a Child Care Resource and Referral Agency, the Council is a partner in state and national activities and a leader in local initiatives to bring about accessible, affordable, quality Child Care and Early Learning Services. VALUES Respond to the requirements of parents and suppliers and supply caring and professional technical assistance, information, and resources to suit Child Care and Learning requirements.

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  City Goshen, NY
  Zip Code 10924
  Phone Number (800) 827-1751

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In 1971, the Child Care Council of Orange Co., Inc. was created to help working and student parents find child care by providing them with referrals to regulated child care programs. Over the past 47 years, we have accomplished steady increases in services to parents and providers, Staff Members with professionalism, action and vision for high quality child care in Orange County. The Council has continued to be the primary hub for child care services in Orange County. The Board and Staff Members continue to build collaborations and resources with our community partners and together strengthen our resources for the families of this County.

A person planning to serve three (3) or more children for more than three (3) hours a day on a regular basis must obtain a registration certificate or license. To obtain this certificate or license, the applicant must show that the child care program meets requirements that the state has established to help ensure the health and safety of children in care. Advantages of Becoming a Child Care Provider Work in your own home Set your own fees, hours, and choose your own clients Reimbursement for meals/ snacks served to children through the NYS dept.

The Child Care Council of Orange County Inc, is a Child Care Resource and Referral agency that provides the bridge between parents, providers, community leaders and policymakers to help bring about affordable, accessible, and quality child care in Orange County, NY. The general purpose of the Council, which is a voluntary, non-profit incorporated organization, is to coordinate, assist, strengthen and expand child care services in Orange County, NY for all children. The Council aims for the integration of appropriate education, social service, health and recreational programs which serve the best interests of children in child care and for programs which help to strengthen family life.

The Child Care Council of Orange County, Inc. publishes a training calendar tri-annually: January - April, May - August, September - December. The is to update you on the federal Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) pre-service/orientation health & safety training requirements. This federal law requires certain child care employees and volunteers to complete health and safety training by September 30, 2017. These requirements have been adopted as emergency regulations in Title 18 of the New York State Code of Rules & Regulations and a notice of proposed rulemaking will appear in the State Register on March 20, 2017.