Thank You to local businesses for donations for our parenting classes! LUP's - You must have a TB test done within thirty days of application. Call 443-4608 and ask for an Eligibility Specialist if you have any questions. Please note: Referrals given by Child Care Partnerships are not recommendations. It is up to the parent to interview and decide if the facility will meet their child care requirements.

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  City Helena, MT
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  Address 901 North Benton Av
  Phone Number (406) 443-4608

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As you consider the importance of early care and education to society, we also encourage you to consider a financial donation to Child Care Partnerships. Any donations are used directly to pursue our mission. We receive funding primarily from the Early Childhood Services Bureau of the Department of Health and Human Services.

As a parent, it is your job to take care of your kids and it is a responsibility that you will readily take on. Our kids are our life and we will do anything to make their life more comfortable. The idea of the "typical" or "nuclear" family was outdated the moment it was introduced. In reality, there have always been millions of families with separated or single parents. The stigma around these scenarios implies that kids cannot be raised properly or be happy, but that simply isn't true. From family counselors to Spanish speaking family law attorneys, experts can attest that co-parenting is a challenge even in the best of times.

Financial skills are vital in life, and it is never too early for a child to pick a few of them as they grow up. Unfortunately, not many schools teach financial management as part of the curriculum. Why It's Important To Teach Your Children About The Environment Teaching respect Teaching children about the environment can help to teach respect and consideration. People are always talking about the benefits of expanding your horizon and getting out in the world to see new and exciting things. The first 7 years of a child's life are known as the formative years, and it is during this time that values are instilled and habits formed, which is a critical period for overall development.