The Children's Garden was incorporated in 1988 by a local family in pursuit of quality childcare. Disappointed by the poor range of nurturing environments for their young daughter, the couple found most programs to be lacking the personal, loving touch personalized childcare should emanate.

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  City Rural Retreat, VA
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From infants to kindergarteners, the use of mindfulness is an evidence-based technique aimed at helping children regulate their emotions and practice peaceful problem-solving. Helping children develop an awareness of their internal emotional states helps them to use words instead of fists. Endeavor Schools is a network of private schools that is unwaveringly committed to the safety, wellbeing and development of every child in our schools. Our purpose is to provide children with a superior education in a caring environment while earning parents' trust with proven results.

The Children's Garden after-school program offers students opportunities for play-based learning and fun in an environment perfectly tailored to their needs. Exclusively at our Field Office location, we offer after school programs from 2-5 days per week*, depending on your family's needs.

Our Jr. Kindergarten program is centered on our school's philosophy of providing a quality learning environment that is both challenging and supportive so that children can feel confident to learn. With a class size of no more than 15 students, we provide an individualized approach to what this age group needs to succeed. Our program adheres to the State's requirements for children to move to 1st grade or Kindergarten.

We've created a safe and supervised on-campus option for elementary students enrolled in remote learning at other schools. During this time when so many schools are uncertain about re-opening and parents are unable to stay home all day with their children, our Learning Lab Program is an excellent opportunity for children to receive the benefits of being in a safe school environment. We aim to provide extracurricular activities, peer interaction and support that are often not found in a remote learning program, so that they receive the high-quality education they deserve.

The Children's Garden is currently looking for talented and nurturing individuals with a passion for early childhood education. Whether you're an experienced teacher or a qualified newcomer, we want to hear from you! The Children's Garden is also a member of Endeavor Schools, one of America's leading education organizations, which gives you access to their network of support and career opportunities. To learn more about opportunities at The Children's Garden, visit our careers page at Endeavor Schools.

Montessori lessons provide one-on-one instruction to foster individualized learning. Upon initial observation, what appears to be a very free-formed class is in fact quite structured and tailored to children's needs. Montessori provides a wide array of learning outlets for children. Some areas include: practical life, language development, mathematics, science and mechanics. Our Preschool program provides a gentle introduction into a more traditional classroom setting. We encourage each child to explore and play while offering guidance to help develop self-control and positive social skills.

The Magnolia classroom provides children with the tools and skills needed to move forward in their education. Children participate in math, language, science and social activities, as well as develop self-confidence, independence and creativity. They learn about the environment and good stewardship through hands-on experience, while learning to treat others with kindness.

Here at The Garden, our first job is to get to know you and your child as individuals. The infant program uses on-demand scheduling to assure that each child's specific needs are met. The staff's gentle, reassuring voices help establish a "home away from home" for your little one, filled with love and trust. We've incorporated Attachment Theory and R.I.E (Resources for Infant Educarers) principles into our infant program. Our organic approach to caring for infants allows each individual child to develop and progress at their unique rhythm.