The Children's Meetinghouse TCM of Concord, Massachusetts is an Infant/Toddler program and Preschool that has been delivering enriching experiences to young kids for more than twenty years. All full-time teachers have a degree in early-childhood education and have substantial knowledge in early childhood education and child development.

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  City Concord, MA
  Zip Code 01742
  Address 1400 Lowell Road
  Phone Number (978) 371-0678

From Our Website

Thank you for visiting! Our school for young children is committed to anti-bias curriculum, a climate of respect to others, and the awareness that education holds the responsibility to create a better world. Our educators thrive to support families by providing the best possible care and the best early education for their children. Established in 1984, our school for young children specializes in a child-centered, emergent curriculum incorporating influences from the Reggio Emilia philosophy. As children cultivate interests by exploring the world through their natural curiosity, our experienced and dedicated teachers develop age-appropriate curriculum to broaden their knowledge.

At The Children's Meetinghouse, we believe that imagination, wonder, discovery, and delight serve as the cornerstones of teaching and learning. We place priority on honoring their importance, and follow an emergent curriculum rooted in play. Our teachers are encouraged and supported to develop curriculum that places value on the children as creators and contributors, and offers ample opportunity for all students to gain confidence as active, independent thinkers. One of the Preschoolers brought in a rectangular box that had the words "fairy tale" on it.

Children in the Preschool program range in age from two years nine months through five years old. Our program utilizes mixed age groupings in a multifaceted, exploratory curriculum where childhood is embraced and celebrated! The preschool is led by a team of experienced teachers who utilize their vast knowledge of child development and early childhood educational standards to design curriculum that supports each child's social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and pre-math and literacy development.

Children in our Infant/Toddler program are between the ages of four months and two years nine months, after which time they become eligible for the Preschool program. An important aspect of the program devoted to very young children is the low child to teacher ratio. It allows for careful attention to be given to each individual child. There are up to nine children with three teachers in the classroom per day. The teaching team creates a secure and comfortable environment in which children can grow and naturally develop social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills at their own pace.