Our Preschools, for 2 to 4 year olds, are run out of private homes in Yonkers. After you visit, you may apply for admission. Admission is located upon availability and the developmental readiness of your child. She is the author of Early Reading Naturally and the composer of many kids's songs, including The Happy Road.

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  City Yonkers, NY
  Zip Code 10701
  Address 286 Mile Sqr Road
  Phone Number (914) 965-9491

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Our preschool program is a diaper friendly program. If you are looking for an enriched Day Care program or a stimulating Nursery School, consider what The Children's Playhouse has to offer. ABOUT THE DIRECTOR: Before creating The Children's Playhouse in 1984, Dr. Diana Rothenberg, [EdD-Columbia University] was an Elementary School Teacher in NYC, and an Assistant Professor at Lehman College. She is the author of "The Organic Approach to Reading" [OAR] and the composer of "The Happy Road" CD by Diana & Friends which you can find on dianashappyroad.com.

From Central Park Avenue: Exit Palmer Road West - Turn RIGHT at the Stop sign onto Palmer Road. Go to next light (about 1 mile). Turn RIGHT ont Mile Square Road. House is the 12th house on your right. From South, turn RIGHT onto Palmer Road. From North, go down side street to Palmer Road, turn RIGHT onto Palmer Road. Go to the second street light. Turn LEFT onto Mile Square Road. From Tuckahoe Road: From Central Avenue: Take Tuckahoe Road past Staples, past Shop Rite, past Thruway entrance, past Royal Regency Hotel.

We have been thoroughly impressed to see our son's growth during this short time at The Children's Playhouse. His teachers have nurtured his love of learning. They helped to lay a solid foundation of beginning reading skills. This has truly been an amazing experience for our daughter. We watched her burst out of her shell. The teachers are loving, kind and sensitive to the needs of their students. The Playhouse has surpassed my expectations. I'm amazed at the teachers' abilities to pack so much into the curriculum and still maintain a high quality program.

The Children's Playhouse, established in 1984, was developed to provide an atmosphere of emotional security and intellectual challenge. Young children are like sponges, soaking up more information faster than at any other time of life. The neurological basis for all feeling and learning is established during the child's first four years. During this time we have a unique opportunity to create the foundation for all future learning. The most important element to a solid foundation is high self-esteem.