Our mission is to supply a developmentally appropriate, early childhood educational program in partnership with teachers, parents, and kids. Our Beliefs We believe each child deserves an emotionally and a physically safe world in which to explore, experiment, take risks and make constructive errors; a world in which to experience unconditional love, acceptance, and belonging.

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  City Portland, OR
  Zip Code 97229
  Address 1045 Northwest 123rd Avenue
  Phone Number (503) 526-0100

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The time your child spends in preschool is a crucial part of his or her development. This is when his or her social, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills become more developed. The cognitive skills that your kid picks up during this stage, while simple, will play a crucial role in laying the groundwork for them to gain a wealth of knowledge later on in life. As a parent, you are no doubt nervous and excited about your child heading off to preschool. Your child will be able to identify all 26 uppercase letters and some lowercase letters in preschool.