Supplier of quality child care. Corporate Toddlers is a family-owned business in operation since 1990. We hold our team to the best standards within the industry. All the kids in our care are treated with warmth and respect. You can expect the owner to be here, at the preschool, every day. Part of every range process should include meeting with, and learning about the owner.

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  City Belmar, NJ
  Zip Code 07719
  Address 4900 State Hwy 33 N
  Phone Number (732) 919-0949

From Our Website

Corporate Toddlers is an established school with a long history of success. We are not just another institutional national chain preschool outlet. The service and attention you and your child will receive here is typical of any family owned business. Indeed, our primary source of enrollment is from word-of-mouth referrals. The most common remarks heard by these referrals involve the "personal touch and the warm, loving, nurturing environment" experienced by the children we have served over the years.

Our Pre-K class provides excellent preparation for entering Kindergarten. Students learn best when they are engaged in meaningful experiences, which our certified teacher provides on a daily basis. Whether it is in play or educational centers, the children are immersed in learning experiences that meet their physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs. Our curriculum integrates many important content areas- Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music and the Arts, Spanish, American Sign Language, Computer Skills, and Yoga!

Our Kindergarten curriculum is aligned with the state standards to ensure a smooth transition into the local school districts for first grade and beyond. Expectations and practices are also based off of the skills, knowledge, and interests of each child. Our program is small, which allows our certified teacher to invest time with each child individually. The curriculum integrates the content areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science Exploration, Social Studies, the Arts, Computer skills, beginning Spanish and American Sign Language, and Yoga!

Our Toddler program is devised of a consistent schedule and routines that promote self-help skills, inner control, and positive social skills while simultaneously following the child's lead and making modifications to adapt to the needs of each individual. The Toddler curriculum covers letters, numbers, colors, shapes and spatial concepts - all in a fun and informal way. We have weekly themes, with the daily activities tying into those themes. Logical thinking activities along with reading materials and opportunities for the creative arts are provided every day, and important physical development and sensory exercises are integrated as well.

Our curriculum begins with discovering and learning through interactive play. We incorporate meaningful and enjoyable activities that foster the development of essential skills including fine and gross motor skills, emotional and social behaviors, and communication. Some of our daily activities include singing songs, reading books, tummy time, baby yoga, playing peek-a-boo and rolling balls. We strive to meet each infant's individual wants and needs in a safe, loving, nurturing and happy environment.