When dogs are left alone, especially for long periods of time, they become bored. Boredom leads to stress, which canines often attempt to alleviate by means of destructive behavior. Inevitably, the owner comes home to find his or her shoes and furniture has been chewed to bits. With just a tiny amount of extra money and time, dog owners can take advantage of the amazing benefits of dog daycare.

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  City Wilmington, DE
  Zip Code 19805
  Address 3000 West Second St
  Phone Number (302) 655-5506

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We provide areas throughout our facility where a pooch can take a break from the action, either by relaxing alone in a cozy resting spot or cuddling in puddle of other dogs. We specialize in rescue dogs. Our staff has extensive knowledge in helping rescue dogs transition into their new home environment. Daycare can play a key role in this transition. Call us to set up a consultation. First consultation is free! Dog Dayz can provide exceptional care for our senior canine friends in our less active area, whether they may be recovering from surgery or are otherwise in need of activity monitoring.

We are a group of dog lovers, no one loves their job more than we do! Each member of our staff has been disciplined and trained in caring for dogs in a single or group setting. Michelle opened Dog Dayz doggie daycare in September 2001. Her vision was simple: make canine friends for life in a safe, cage free environment. After nearly 20 years of providing exceptional care to all her canine friends, that vision still holds true today! Her passion, care and knowledge shows through to every dog she meets.