We're always searching for talented individuals to join our staff. Contact us for more information. Our Mission At Eden Prairie Montessori we're commited to delivering quality education and care for young kids, to prepare them to become responsible, respectful, and independent individuals and life-long learners.

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  City Eden Prairie, MN
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When people start to feel anxious or tense, they naturally tend to take rapid, shallow breaths. The simple act of breathing slowly and deeply can reduce feelings of stress. Make sure your response to their feelings is kind. Try to look at the situation from their point of view. Give some extra love and your full attention. Squeezing a squishy ball or hugging a stuffed animal can help your child release built-up tension These actions also encourage your child to focus on what their hands are doing, distracting them from whatever is causing anxiety.

Eden Prairie Montessori Learning provides a child-focused, self-paced learning environment for cognitive, social, emotional, and moral development. Traditional classrooms are instructor-centric and involve a general curriculum taught to the entire group at once. For children, this environment is impersonal and often stifles learning, producing inferior developmental and educational outcomes. The Montessori method stands in direct contrast, promoting a child-focused, self-paced learning environment for well-rounded development.

Our staff in Eden Prairie believes in facilitating development by creating an environment and providing exclusive Montessori materials to students. This is essential for reaching the level of development necessary for First Grade readiness. Students achieve normalization at this stage. This means their independence and purposeful work becomes apparent from a physical, cognitive, and conceptual perspective. As such, they are fully coordinated, are able to make decisions and solve problems, and have all the practical skills necessary for learning materials in the First-Grade environment.

Our toddler curriculum provides a special understanding of each individual child, flexibility with consistency, mutual respect of others and our environment, freedom of choice within limits, and the foundations for a lifetime of self-development. Montessori classrooms are commonly referred to as prepared environments. Care and attention are given to creating a learning environment that will reinforce the children's independence and intellectual development. Our toddler classrooms include 20 toddlers, 1 teacher, and 2 assistants for individualized care and attention.

Our staff believe that summer preschool in Eden Prairie is not just about fun and learning, but about how children explore and develop new skills. Our summer program supports the Montessori method of learning, meaning your preschooler will enjoy structured, multi-sensory materials for exploratory learning and development. From June to August every year, we have our Summer Session! Montessori education continues to be our main focus, so there isn't a gap in learning over the summer months. However, we infuse some more "fun" into the program to celebrate summer and the warmer weather.

Through soft music and constant communication with our staff through talking, singing, reading, and playing, your baby will always feel content and at home. Infants 6 weeks to 16 months old have "absorbent minds, " priming them for optimal development when put in carefully prepared environments like those at our infant Montessori program in Eden Prairie. Our attentive team ensures your baby receives proper feedings, diaper changes, and naps through collaboration with you, the parents or caregivers.