A Solid Foundation Edu-Care believes that young kids flourish in a warm, secure, and stimulating environment where they can find various experiences with people, ideas and learning materials. Besides our mission to promote the kids's physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development, we place a nice deal of emphasis in our program on helping the kids evolve a positive self-image, the capability to function in a group setting, and the acquisition of nice learning habits.

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  City Newark, DE
  Zip Code 19711
  Address 345 Polly Drummond Hl Rd
  Phone Number (302) 453-7326

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The preschool class will be closed on the same holidays and vacations observed by the public school system (Christina School District). The daycare will remain open. Elementary school children will be accepted for care prior to 9:00 a.m. and after 3:00 p.m. We accept children who are on the Purchase of Care Plus Program through Delaware Division of Social Services. Each staff member at Edu-Care is fully qualified in early child education and sensitive to the needs of young children. Among our staff, 15% have worked at Edu-Care between 15-22 years, 15% have worked between 10-14 years and 48% percent have worked between 5-9 years.

The Preschool Program at Edu-Care is designed to prepare children for the upcoming school years. By the time children complete the program, they are more than well prepared to enter Kindergarten. Mathematics: This program introduces the child to basic math concepts. These concepts are initially introduced by the teacher who provides manipulative materials to demonstrate shapes, counting, classification, number of objects correlation, patterns, number recognition, printing of numbers, and positional terms.

Our before and after school program serves children who attend local elementary schools. Children are supervised from their arrival in the morning until their departure for elementary school and when they return in the afternoon until they are picked up by 6:00 p.m. Our goal for this program is to provide a safe atmosphere for relaxation, play time, homework, and enhancement of the school day. In addition, the program encourages independence, cooperation, sharing and fair play. The program is designed to maintain a delicate balance between structured and non-structured time.

The Toddler Program at Edu-Care is designed to promote independence and prepare children for the preschool years. Your two year old will be exposed to a variety of stimuli to encourage intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth. The program is designed to allow children to explore independently as well as be a part of structured activities in both large and small group experiences. The toddlers also enjoy their own playground on the back deck with age appropriate climbing and riding toys.

Edu-Care also offers a unique Afternoon Enrichment program to the older 4 year olds which reinforces many of the skills presented in the morning.

Not only will your child's basic needs be met, but he/she will be given affection, hugs, praise and be encouraged to discover his/her surroundings in an inviting, loving and safe environment. The teachers in the infant program provide parents with a daily report which lists the time of sleeping, eating, diaper changing and comments about the child's day. Teachers also communicate with parents through phone calls, and development reports (completed every 3-6 months). Before a child begins attending Edu-Care, parents will be required to complete a questionnaire specifically designed to allow the teachers to learn more about the routine of a child and his/her temperament.

Parents of children ages 6 weeks to early 4 years of age receive a daily report from the teacher. These reports include details about your child's day. Our older preschoolers receive a weekly report. During all the operating hours from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at least one of the office members (director or assistant director) are available to you. Two open houses are held annually. In the fall, there is an open house for parents of current students to introduce the curriculum, program, and learning materials.