WELCOME! The Education Station Day Care Center is a complete pre-school facility delivering care and education for kids 6 weeks through 6 years of age on a complete time basis. We have been delivering quality care and education, administered by specialists, in a safe and appropriate environment since 1989.

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  City Bloomfield, NJ
  Zip Code 07003
  Address 156 Washington Strt
  Phone Number (973) 743-7003

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Waddlers are at the age where they are learning to speak and mimic older people's actions. They are observant of the world around them and are keen on discovering new things. Most kids at this age are energetic and active. As their teachers, we can provide them with activities that can direct their energies into productive learning activities. We incorporate music, language learning, and other enrichment activities that are suitable for their learning age. For more information, please send us a message or reach us through our given contact information.

Our Toddler groups are provided with programs and activities that promote self-discovery and exploration. Since gross to finer motor skills are refined, these children are ready to be introduced with learning concepts that include the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, days of the week and months of the year. With these learning objectives, we provide them activities that enable them to express their creativity. They will also be given potty training. For more information, please send us a message or reach us through our given contact information.

A: All of our full-time childcare providers are required to have infant and child first aid and CPR training. Additionally, we have evacuation procedures in place & approximately 72 hours of provisions in storage.

Registration: 2 weeks tuition held on deposit and applied toward final 2 weeks enrollment. Each child will bring their own lunch daily. The school will provide breakfast, beverages, and snacks. Please identify all children's items with their first initial and last name. School can not be responsible for unmarked clothing, blankets, consumables, lunch boxes and personal items. Do not send sentimental, valuable or jewelry items to school. Do not bring toys to school. Parents are required to maintain updated immunization and emergency information and person authorized to pick up children.

In our Day Care Center in Bloomfield, New Jersey, our programs are designed to support your children's holistic development. While academic learning and aptitude are important, we also make sure that their psycho-social well-being is well-developed. We incorporate various learning materials and media into our curriculum to promote fun and diversity in learning. A lot of children at this age are experiential and observational learners, so we make sure that we provide them with activities that will enable them to apply their learning during lectures or with their classmates.

Enrichment activities promote children's sense of self. These activities allow them to explore their areas of interest and learn about them. These activities also encourage them to form bonds with their classmates and learn how to effectively work with others to fulfill a goal. Enrichment activities also stimulate their senses which are known to promote cognitive health and emotional health. Apart from the enrichment programs that our teachers provide, we also allow our students to use interactive and educational online applications that help them build academic and non-academic skills.

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