Central Valley Children's Services Network a public benefit, non-profit, 501 C 3 agency welcomes you to the premier source for child care referral and resource in Fresno County. CSN promotes best quality care for all kids in Fresno County. Within program guidelines, CSN's responsive, knowledgeable team offer individualized services and build collaborative relationships to understand the requirements of kids!

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  City Fresno, CA
  Zip Code 93727
  Address 1911 North Helm Av
  Phone Number (559) 456-8195

From Our Website

Services Network provides the necessary support, education, and linkage of community resources to advocate for high-quality care for all children. Central Valley Children's Services Network believes that children are our most precious resource. As the Fresno County's Resource and Referral agency, we want parents who need child care to be informed about what quality child care is. Quality child care goes beyond meeting the licensing requirements. Quality child care enhances the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, linguistics, and creative development of a child.

When your are searching for your child care referral needs, the F.I.N.D. Care department would like you to keep in mind that, the information we collect is very important in order to make appropriate referrals. Please fill out all the required information. Your information is kept confidential at all times. The data collected is utilized at the State and Local levels to address the child care needs in Fresno County. You can download a Spanish or English copy of the brochure below, or call us and we will be happy to mail you a hard copy.