Marilyn Lewis is the CEO of Fun Factory Education Corp. FFEC, a firm established in February 2007, with a mission devoted entirely to the betterment of child care in America. It is her longstanding position that, saying you stand for Family Values is great and ever so popular, however, Valuing the Family by your corporate and individual deeds are far more important and beneficial to the long-term welfare of our communities in general.

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This website has been developed over the years to serve, first and foremost, as a "data center" for Emotional Literacy material related primarily to preschool age children. There are dozens of links that will provide readers with considerable information regarding all of our work in this field, articles by others, various evidence based sources and countless insights into this very important subject matter. We are a Specialty Education (Preschool Emotional Literacy), Public Relations, Advertising/Marketing & Licensing company focused on Early Childhood Development of Emotional Literacy (i.e., preschool through 2nd Grade) and how Nonprofits, Corporate America, the Legal Community, Professional Sports Industry and other industries can play an important leadership role in a child's emotional [literacy] education development.

Formally founded in February 2007, Fun Factory Education Corp.'s (FFEC) mission is devoted entirely to the betterment of child care in America. Marilyn Lewis*, the co-founder and force behind the creation of the company's innovative learning system (and its ancillary products and programs), and FFEC's team has provided a very functional and creative means to bring our preschoolers into the 21st Century with valuable life-lessons whilst still having age appropriate fun integrated in the process.