The 1st day of school will be on Thursday, August twentieth. We don't have lunch at school on half-days. Extended day care will begin on Monday, August 24th. We hope you have a great summer! The winter performance was a smashing success! The very tired and cheerful family! We have a new friend visiting Highland.

Contact Details

  City Tucson, AZ
  Zip Code 85719
  Address 510 South Highland Avenue
  Phone Number (520) 623-0104

From Our Website

Highland Free School has been a part of the Tucson community since 1970. Located in the Barrio San Antonio neighborhood (just south of the U of A), Highland is a non-profit elementary school that provides students from across the metropolitan area with a unique academic environment. The educational philosophy at Highland is based upon the fact that children are naturally inquisitive and excited by learning. Our goal is to keep that inquisitiveness alive. Highland Free School wants to create an environment that stimulates students to explore, create and learn at their own pace.

Our curriculum is aligned with the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards and includes individualized, skill-based assignments for the introduction and practice of basic skills. However, our emphasis is on integrated, thematic units that often use hands-on, innovative activities and projects designed to give students practice in applying the educational standards while strengthening their twentieth-century skills of creativity, collaboration, and communication. CURRICULUM Maps Highland's Math and ELA Curriculum Maps (Note: These curriculum maps are subject to change.)

Instead of letting the state decide where to use your taxes, you can allocate your tax dollars directly to the school (up to 400)! Every family should try to do the tax credit and/or find a friend or relative to contribute. Any amount helps. As you know, Arizona has one of the best education choice laws in the country, the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit. This tax credit gives every Arizona taxpayer a choice: you can pay your state income tax as usual and have the State of Arizona decide where to spend your money, or you can instead re-direct up to $400 of your taxes to enhance education and Highland.