For over three decades, HoneyTree Early Learning Centers have offered young kids with high quality education and have offered their families the security of knowing they are receiving exceptional care, which aid kids get a great start. The benefits are immeasurable to our families, our kids, and our community as a complete. The results of a great head start, however, last a lifetime.

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  City Roanoke, VA
  Zip Code 24018
  Address 2230 Electric Rd
  Phone Number (540) 989-3662

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We use a keypad entry system, computer check in and out system and Tadpoles program to ensure the safety of our children. For each child enrolled the following forms are required: registration form, information sheet, birth certificate, Virginia Physical Examination and Immunization Certificate and enrollment agreement. We strive to open each center at their scheduled time in the event of inclement weather. However, if we need to adjust our schedule, we will send out a notification using our Tadpoles communication system.

HoneyTree provides one of the safest and most renowned after school daycares in Roanoke, VA. HoneyTree is OPEN when schools close for weather and on teacher workdays, so you're never stranded without a fun, safe, and exciting place for your child while you work. We provide transportation to and from most area schools. Throughout the year, our children enjoy special field trips to bowling, skating, and our private aquatic center with gymnasium when school is out. Many of our school-age children also participate in our Summer Camp program.

This is much more than just daycare. Pinnacle, our exclusive curriculum for early education, infants and toddlers will start preparing for Preschool and explore key developmental milestones. Intentional planning and regular assessments enable teachers to create experiences based on what children are ready to learn. Infants and toddlers feel safe, secure, and happy in our rooms. Warm, caring teachers bond and develop trust with children. Each child has a primary caregiver, your main point of contact, to guide your child's development.

At HoneyTree Early Learning Center, we have one of the best kids' summer camps Roanoke, VA, has to offer. The Hive Summer Camp at HoneyTree is for school students who have completed kindergarten through age 12. A private swim club, plus special interest groups, arts and science projects, field trips, and more keep The Hive buzzing with activities each weekday. The Hive opens when school is out and lasts for 10 weeks. HoneyTree Centers serve as base camps, providing van and bus transportation to and from off-site activities.

In every program, and every classroom, we address the specific needs of children based not only on age, but also individual pace of development. Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that all children reach-and master-significant milestones and indicators. Our program brings science to life and allows the children to create, manipulate, and participate in complex, yet enjoyable scientific projects. Kids have the opportunity to observe, feel, listen, and-on occasion-sample their creations. Your children will utilize all the scientific steps necessary to make these projects come to life.

Scroll down for center locations and contact information or click on each location for an in-depth look at that particular location, including images, directions, and services. At HoneyTree we recognize many children are eager to engage in learning outside of our program and many parents are eager to teach. Welcome to HoneyTree's Pre-K At Home! This series of developmental activities is designed to help your little one develop their Pre-K skills at home, regardless of whether they attend HoneyTree Early Learning Centers.

At HoneyTree, we bring you one of the best preschools in Roanoke, VA. HoneyTree's quality pre-kindergarten program will not only prepare your child for the kindergarten essentials of reading, math, and writing, but also for paying attention, following directions, and getting along with others. This is a great activity that allows your child to feel what it's like to participate in a science experiment. We will have them measure out, pour, feel, hear, and (when appropriate) get an understanding of the flavor of their creation (oatmeal).