The number of women in state and federal prisons is over 63,215. Eighty percent of these women are mothers and will return as primary caregivers to their kids. The work of Hour Children focuses on reunification of families in a safe and stable environment with supportive services that lead to healthy families.

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  City Astoria, NY
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  Phone Number (718) 433-4724

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Hour Children is a leading provider of services to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women in New York State. Focused on women and their children, we support families during a mother's incarceration and help families get back on their feet upon release. This means that every year, more than 1,000 women returning to New York City need with assistance housing, employment and education opportunities.

Hour Woman to Woman Mentoring Program offers each of Hour Women the opportunity to be matched with a mentor who can support her as she works towards her personal and professional goals. Mentors are recruited and trained to be listeners, guides and role models to Hour Women as they navigate the many challenges of their lives. Through the informal transmission of knowledge, social capital and psycho-social support, the mentoring relationship can greatly enhance a woman's ability to achieve success.

Believing that a strong family connection maximizes a child's stability and a woman's chances of success upon reentry, Hour Children works to nurture happy, healthy, and caring relationships between incarcerated mothers and their children. Hour Children operates the Nursery inside Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, where mothers can live with their infants for up to 18 months, providing infants born during their mother's incarceration with critical bonding time with their mother. During the day, while mothers are attending school, mandated programs, or working, the infants are cared for in the Child Development Center, which is staffed by Hour Children employees and women who are incarcerated at the facility.

The benefits of volunteering are far-reaching, and can have a dramatic impact on both the volunteer and the community served. Here are some ways you can support Hour Children's community. If there are other ways you would like to help, please email Hour Children welcomes corporate groups to spend time volunteering with us, and we look forward to putting together a wonderful day of hard work, camaraderie, fun, and lasting impact. Volunteer opportunities can be customized based on the interests, experience and size of your group.