Our aim to KIDS COUNT is to provide an amiable child care center - that contains an environment that is active, inventive, livable, documentable and communicative. We aim to build a center where kids, teachers and families feel a sense of highly-being. Our team consists of state-certified teachers, all of whom have knowledge and education preparation in child development.

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  City Spotswood, NJ
  Zip Code 08884
  Address 1308 Englishtown Rd
  Phone Number (732) 723-9416

From Our Website

Kids Count Child Center is a privately owned and operated center in the heart of Old Bridge. Our center was established in 1994 initially offering preschool to 36 children. Over the years we have expanded, and today offer services to children ages 6 weeks to 12 years of age. We offer spacious classrooms, and 3 expansive outdoor play areas. At Kids Count, we pride ourselves on the excellence of care provided to our families. We have a hand-picked, highly qualified, and trained staff. Our staff is a tightly knit family that is devoted to the needs of each KIDS COUNT FAMILY.We consider our center a "Home Away From Home", a place where parents can feel safe and confident that their children are receiving the best of care in a nurturing environment.

Our Pre-K program offers the children an opportunity to grow and build upon their skills. Through hands on exploration the children will be exposed to a variety of experiences as they embark on their journey of learning. Kindergarten readiness skills will be explored with each child and in group activities. Social relationships will remain an important part of the program. The children will be given opportunities to negotiate and compromise while working together, supporting the skills necessary to be part of a group.

Toddlers exhibit boundless energy and enthusiasm. During this stage toddlers also begin to learn how to communicate and express themselves. At Kids Count we provide toddlers with a rich learning environment with appropriate learning centers planned and organized to maximize cognitive, large and small motor, and sensory experiences. Toddlers are curious, therefore we encourage them to explore the world around them allowing them to build their vocabulary. Toddlers are also given opportunities to practice their self-help skills empowering them with independence.

Our preschool class is designed to specifically encourage and foster development during that stage of being "little" and "big". The preschool classroom is welcoming and nurturing. Children are encouraged to explore and make choices. The teacher communicates with children in a warm manner and is quick to respond to their needs. A quick response helps to build trust. Trust enables the preschool child to learn and develop positive relationships. Our preschool curriculum combines both teacher directed and child inining.