A family favorite for more than 28 years, we are conveniently situated on Werhle Dr. near Transit Rd. We serve more than 125 children weekly! We want you to know that you can entrust your lids to us, too!

At our school we value excellence at all levels. Our students range from six weeks old to twelve years old. Our program is concentrated on the growing and changing needs of the children in our care. The teachers, director and parents are in constant contact to ensure the highest quality program is available to your child.

We provide wheelchair accessibility, a 1.5 acre yard, water park, two developmentally appropriate playgrounds, bike track, 1500 sq. ft. gym, full service kitchen, ten classrooms, and a conference room perfect for parent-teacher conferences.

You are always welcome to stop in and see for yourself what we have to offer your family!

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  • Amherst, Williamsville and Lancaster

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  Person Lynne Sutton
  City Buffalo, NY
  Zip Code 14221
  Address 2655 Wehrle Dr
  Phone Number (716) 565-5437

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Lynne Sutton


Lynne Sutton, manager and founder of Kids Korner Children's Center started the Center in Lancaster, NY in 1983. Motivated by a passion for the health and well being of all children, Lynne built Kids Korner into a thriving modern early childhood program which consistently meets the needs of the whole child. Together with the work she does here in the Buffalo area she has seized opportunities to extend her work with kids and adolescence in Cambodia and Africa. Lynne has a Bachelors Degree from the University of Buffalo and is currently completing her Master's in Early Childhood Education.

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The strength of our infant and toddler programs lies in the relation we keep with families. Recognizing parents as the first and primary teacher in their kid's life we try to partner with you to foster optimal development, through consistent relationships and predictable experiences.

Our infant program follows the natural rhythm of your baby's day. It is filled with many hugs, smiles, time and attention so vital to the healthy emotional growth of your little one. Our daily programs include lots of language, signing, exploration, sensory play, baby games, tummy time, infant massage, music and movement and times for gathering and settling. We care for the happiest babies on earth!

Lucky ducks

Lucky ducks

Our Lucky Ducks like to wander only slightly from their house base. For this reason we provide an environment which is full of love, limits and choices to reassure your little ones we are right behind them helping them make sense of their world. A structured routine involving literacy and language building, floor play and creative play stations, music and art, self-help and social interactions and gym or outside time make up the day of a Kids Korner toddler.

Bees and penguins

Bees and penguins

Our preschool curriculum is based on the ever changing needs of the kids. We encourage the children to go beyond the typical expectation for their age level. Children are a lot smarter than we think and at Kids Korner, we nurture their curiosity and excitement about learning.

Careful observation is at the base of what we do. This way we can tailor our curriculum at the right level for your child and set the stage for the next step in their individual development. Periodically, we complete personal evaluations which tell us how we are doing as well as keeping you, as parents, informed regarding your child's progress. Our curriculum involves literacy, math, science, culture, art, music and gym or outdoor play.

Customer Testimonials

My oldest son has been attending Kids Korner since he was 15 months old, and my youngest since he was an infant. Over the years I have watched them both flourish intellectually, emotionally, and physically. My favorite part of the day is picking them up and listening (non-stop mind you) to the exciting activities that filled their day. Tae Kwon Do, gym, playground, music, story time, and of course the all-time favorite being the waterpark.

I am filled with pride when they demonstrate to me the latest in their cognitive development. Pointing out the newest letter, color, animal, or dance move that they learned with their friends. The staff are all very affectionate and attentive at all times. My husband's and my hours are sometimes sporadic so we often show up randomly and unannounced. Never once have I ever hesitated to leave my children in their care. In fact, I am actually filled with sadness that my eldest will be leaving Kindergarten next year!

My son has been going to Kids Korner since he was about 8 months old (now 5) and he truly loves all the teachers he has had throughout his years at the Center. They are well qualified, genuine and care so much about the children. He has a wonderful bond with his teachers and and enjoys heading out in the morning to go to school. Am grateful for the love they show my son it gives me such peace-of-mind when I have to head off to work thank you so much for that.

I have been bringing my son to Kids Korner since he was 6 months old. I was extremely nervous and had many questions in the beginning. Between Lynn and Nettie, all of my questions were completely explained and my nervousness was put to ease. I never could have imagined how wonderful all of his teachers would be.

They all made me feel like my son was special to them. He will soon be turning 3 and is smarter than I ever could have dreamed for him at this point. I know this is due to all of the time and knowledge each one of them has put into him. Even though he has a couple more years until he starts kindergarten, I already know how much we will miss this wonderful place and the wonderful teachers.

Our son Max loves going to kids corner. He is 5 months old, and began at three months. I will admit I was weary of send an infant to daycare, but he is full of smiles as soon as we enter, and he clearly loves everyone there.

Amazing program and staff! Beautiful and spacious outside play area

From Our Website

We believe you and your family will love The Learning Garden so much that during the first 30 days of regular attendance if you are dissatisfied with our service for any reason, we will refund up to two week's tuition. With so many choices for your child's care and education it can be difficult to find a daycare provider that offers a family atmosphere while encouraging not only learning but the love of learning as a lifelong pursuit. We are happy to say that every person who walks into our doors each day-our children, parents, teachers, and directors-are part of a community-a family-where each member works together for one purpose: enriching the lives of children.

Kids Korner is now The Learning Garden West! After 2 months of training and getting to know our current families, Kerry Herman, M.Ed. is excited to be our new Director. Kerry and The Learning Garden West's owner, Cleo Weiss, bring decades of childcare experience to our facility. We're passionate about continuing to deliver high quality daycare that families trust in our center! A family favorite for over 31 years, we are conveniently located on Wehrle Drive near Transit Road in Williamsville. We serve more than 125 families weekly!

At The Learning Garden West we realize how important it is to you to feel that you have made the right decision for the care and early education of your children. Children will never develop throughout their lives, as quickly as they do, between birth and and age 5. Making the best decision for their safety, well being, guidance, nutrition and early education is a thoughtful and challenging process. We are here to provide a safe environment, help build a sense of security in your children, provide child friendly meals and snacks that introduce a variety of new tastes, set consistent limits which allow children to feel secure and provide challenging educational opportunities that foster lifelong learners.

Currently receiving students from Lancaster's Hillview Elementary School, William Street School and Clarence's Harris Hill Elementary School, The Learning Garden West provides care for school aged children five years old through age 12. Our before and after school program puts your student safely on the bus with a nice warm breakfast to start his/her day and offering returning students time to unwind, homework help, crafts and games, computer time and, of course a nutritious snack. We operate our school age program full days during summer, days off from school and half days on early dismissal days.

Our educational programs will guarantee your child will be ready for Kindergarten. We have collaborated with school districts to be sure our students are prepared beyond the the standards currently established for kindergarten readiness. Our teachers are trained in the NYS common Core standards. In the event a student is challenged we will promptly notify you to discuss options which support the child's success in their next educational milestone. All children are ready and eager to learn. From newborns to our oldest toddlers our High Reach curriculum is individualized based on teacher observation and theme based activities at varying levels of challenge to help children naturally succeed to the next level.