Where childcare and child education is a passion! We strive to prepare your child for the future. Not only do we focus on child care and education, but we're determined to supply an environment in which your child can learn nice traits and mannerisms. Your child will become a well-rounded personal ready to play their part in society.

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  City South River, NJ
  Zip Code 08882
  Address 544 Old Brdge Turnpike
  Phone Number (732) 651-0002

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Our approach to early childhood education provides children and families with the essential resources necessary for growth, empowerment and creativity. We aim to prepare your child for the future in every aspect imaginable by incorporating these concepts with hands on activities, real life experiences and ample opportunities for growth and learning. Not only we do concentrate on the safety and well-being of your child, but we are truly passionate about giving them the skills and attributes needed to be a successful and well-rounded member of society.

At Kinder Kastle's Summer Camp, children age 5-13 years old are brought onacademic and educational adventures! Our summer camp has the best of both worlds:students have the luxury of 'vacationing', all while learning simultaneously from theirexperiences! Kinder Kastle's summer camp turns your child's summer into one they willnever forget that's full of fun, learning and lifelong friendships! Each week, our curriculum is designed around a theme to have your childlearn and explore. Whether they travel back in time to when the dinosaurs roamed orbuild their favorite castle during Lego Week, children are always exploring and learningwith hands-on activities.

Toddlers require fun and educational activities, in an environment that fosters language, social, emotional and cognitive growth and development. Our teachers encourage children to explore, discover, invent and experiment while they gain anunderstanding of the world around them. Creating opportunities for individual and group activities, while integrating a caring and nurturing environment for your rapidly growing toddler is our goal and commitment. Our enriched curriculum gives each child a variety of experiences in language development, imaginative play, music, art, sensory and physical development.

At Kinder Kastle, our Infants are treated as ROYALTY! Each child's needs are met on demand by one of our loving caregivers who provide each Infant with specialized attention. Our Infant room caters to each child's schedule and works with each family individually. We have an open door policy and welcome all parents' to visit their Infants at any time. This will allow parents to see first-hand the special care and attention their child receives daily. Our "Bright Baby" program is created to focus on each child's abilities and needs, allowing our caregivers to plan activities accordingly.

Our specialized programs offer your child a structured and well-rounded learning experience. From an advanced curriculum with hands-on activities, to teachers who go above and beyond the normal standards, we make sure that each child is attended to and cared for every step of the way.