Ladybird Academies combine preschool early learning and education with best quality childcare for kids aged 6 weeks to 6 years. Each Academy is purpose built in every way to supply a bright and spacious setting with classrooms that are well equipped for each age selection.

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  City Lake Mary, FL
  Zip Code 32746
  Address 185 Timacuan Boulv
  Phone Number (407) 268-9683

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We understand that choosing the right child care solution for your family can be a difficult task. Here at Ladybird AcademyŽ we are confident that we have an advantage over your other child care options so we've made it easy by providing you with a comparison chart and checklist that outlines why Ladybird AcademyŽ is second to none. To see first hand the clear superiority of Ladybird AcademyŽ, we encourage you to come by for a tour at any time. By doing this you will see that we are providing your child an experience like no other.

A fully balanced day, a caring atmosphere, reassuring routine and stimulating activities provide toddlers with a sense of security. They learn through a balance of play, teacher facilitated activities and repetition. It is the optimum environment for learning at this level of development! Through our early learning program and curriculum, children will enjoy stories, toys, music, games, building blocks and more, all designed to develop language, growth and information and provide opportunities for development of fine and gross motor skills.

Your child will flourish in an environment filled with child initiated activities that balance play and discovery by teacher direction and instruction. Early pre-schoolers are guided in making an important transition from individual play to group play. Creative activities encourage self expression through movement, painting and dramatic play. Our early learning program and curriculum are designed to enhance the cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, social, emotional, speech and language development of each child by providing engaging lessons and activities taught by experienced and qualified teachers.

Homework Help: Students have the opportunity to work on school assignments in a structured atmosphere to strengthen basic study skills. Creative Zone: Arts, crafts, building and construction projects are provided that coincide with exciting monthly themes. Stage Zone: Dramatic play and performances combined with creative movement and music. Our Explorer's Club offers school age children an exciting balance of creative activities and plenty of fun with pals. Indoor and Outdoor Activities: All kinds of sports and games are played outdoors while indoor board games and camp activities take place.

When asked if we are happy with our child care provider, we always answer 'Yes, extremely. It's the best place for our kids'. The excitement in their voices tells us Ladybird Academy is the right place. Wherever they go to school next, they will be well prepared and have fond memories of their time spent at Ladybird Academy. The classroom staff were very supportive of both child and parent and the separation anxiety that we all felt. With a reputation as 'the best' child care center in the area and a motto of 'only the best for your children', we hold Ladybird Academy to a very high standard.

Its never too early to begin your child's education! That is why we partner with parents to achieve a balance in care and learning for your child from an early start in a warm and nurturing environment. Our teachers ensure that your baby will receive the best care, attention and opportunities for development. We provide you with daily communication with our baby's report which includes all of the details you want to know: eating, sleeping, diapering and developmental milestones plus your baby's special moments throughout the day.

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program will do more than prepare your child for success in elementary school. Individual attention and a strong emphasis on reading and math provides each child with a solid foundation for elementary school success. The literacy rich environment at Ladybird Academy begins with phonetic awareness and conventional reading. With these skills, children have the foundation to begin reading text fluently and writing to communicate information, thoughts and ideas confidently. Saxon Math is at the core of our math program.

We influence children and help families. That's what we have the chance to do every day in every one of our schools and in our division and corporate offices. When you think about it, it's a pretty amazing opportunity to build a career around something so powerful. Are you an experienced Administrator, Teacher, or Chef looking for a new position? Maybe you are just starting out and would like to get into the child care profession. Either way, you have come to the right place. We are looking for people that have the patience, desire, and the right skill set to work with children at the prestigious Ladybird AcademyŽ.