Pathways, MI's goal is to supply life transforming services to kids, families and our communities. We do this through a huge range of services, including Counseling, Early Childhood programs, Lakeshore 4C, Parent and Family Support and Education, Foster Care, Adoption and participation in community efforts to improve life for kids and families.

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  City Holland, MI
  Zip Code 49423
  Address 412 Century Lanes
  Phone Number (616) 396-2301

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At any given time, approximately 13,000 children in Michigan are in foster care. Our dedicated Child Welfare team works to prevent child abuse and neglect in our community, as well as advocate for children in need. If a child in foster care is unable to return to his or her birth parents, our adoption team works to place the child in a loving, permanent home. Our trained and compassionate staff are committed to considering every factor and issue that may impact a child's placement for adoption.

Strong relationships are at the core of our youth services. We help youth discover and make the most of their abilities for successful living. Our work includes a variety of services for youth who are runaway, homeless, or otherwise without safe shelter. The Alternative Behavioral Choices (ABC) program is a prevention program for at-risk youth, ages 10-17, who have had a first-time offense with the legal system, an episode of school suspension, expulsion or other problematic behaviors. Through group and family sessions, youth learn skills to help them manage emotions, improve decision making and problem solving, and better their communication and relationships.

When a child or youth faces mental health or other challenges, it can impact many parts of his or her life-from school performance to behavior at home and in the community. Our team works alongside families as they face these challenges, often providing support individually and to the family as a whole. Providing convenient support during vulnerable times, our home-based therapists work with children and their families right from the comfort of their own home. Services can include: culturally and developmentally appropriate assessments, personalized treatment planning, and individual and family therapy services for a range of mental health concerns.

When parents discover more strengths and skills to nurture their families, their children grow and thrive. Our Early Childhood services team partners with parents to build their skills, help them bond with their children, and create a sense of security in their family. Our Keep Early Education Positive (KEEP) program offers comprehensive support and consultation to childcare providers, teachers, and parents when a child ages 0-5 is facing any kind of difficulty in childcare or preschool. KEEP provides intervention and support so that children have a more successful experience in their early education.

At Arbor Circle, we are proud to be one of West Michigan's most comprehensive providers of mental health counseling, substance use treatment and family development programs. Our expert staff collaborates with local resources to address the needs of our community, promote new ways of assistance, and find better strategies to help the people we serve. By emphasizing and forming strong, therapeutic relationships with clients and families, we lay the foundation for successful outcomes and essential progress.

Our foundation is grounded in compassion and has been shaped by the challenges that threaten the emotional wellness of our community. For over 80 years, West Michigan has looked to Arbor Circle and its predecessors to address issues surrounding trauma, mental health, addiction, poverty, and stigmas. As a culmination of nine agencies who have met the call, we value our rich history and the impact we continue to have today. We remain rooted in our mission to transform lives-with every child, every individual, and every family who comes our way.