The team of Laurel Oak Children's Center will supply a safe, healthy and loving learning environment for all kids and will communicate regularly with parents regarding the development of their kids. Promote a strong relationship with every child and parent. Provide an efficient, loving and educated team to implement programs.

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  City High Point, NC
  Zip Code 27265
  Address 1004 Old Plank Road
  Phone Number (336) 885-5622

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At this age, children are beginning to prepare for elementary school. As professionals, the teachers at Laurel Oak Children's Center provide a structured learning environment to help prepare each child for a successful future in elementary school. We recognize that all children have individual rates of development, as well as individual interests and learning styles, and will adapt to each child's needs. Our preschool teachers provide the children with an intriguing environment that shows learning can be fun.

Teaching toddlers and twos about their surroundings is an important part of the Laurel Oak Children's Center program. Toddlers and twos are naturally curious and at our center, children can explore their world in safe surroundings. We believe that it is never too early to teach children about the world around them. Teachers find that introducing concepts and watching the development of one and two-year olds can be extremely rewarding. Showing them pictures, allowing them to touch, smell and create objects are just a few activities necessary for healthy development.

Our caregivers go to great lengths to make parents feel comfortable by informing them daily about the high quality care their child receives. Our warm loving atmosphere gives these children a safe, secure feeling. As infants grow, it is vitally important that their senses be stimulated. Laurel Oak Children's Center infants are exposed to a bright and colorful environment, which helps them develop during the first months of life. We practice the "Stomach to play, Back to sleep" guideline when infants are sleeping in their cribs.