Legacy Academy Sugarloaf situated in Lawrenceville, Georgia in Gwinnett County uses a balanced approach to the education of young kids. Each day includes both child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. Legacy Academy Sugarloaf values the interests and unique talents kids bring to their learning environment.

Contact Details

  City Lawrenceville, GA
  Zip Code 30044
  Address 3515 Sugarloaf Pkway
  Phone Number (770) 963-2110

From Our Website

At Legacy Academy, we provide a learning experience that empowers children to be the very best they can be. Throughout each day, we passionately care for the unique, inquisitive, and fascinating infants, toddlers and young children entrusted to us. Our goal is to give children the opportunity to learn and grow as they become healthy, responsible, independent, and self-sufficient individuals. Legacy Academy caregivers and teachers provide children with love, joy, encouragement, an educational focus and the feeling of "being special."

With the choice of the name, Legacy Academy For Children, Frank and Melissa Turner laid the groundwork for the mission and philosophy of the organization. Your children are your legacy, hence our motto "The perfect beginning for your legacy." Our schools are located throughout the Southeast and we continue to expand our operation. Each Legacy Academy is a proud part of the communities we serve. Since even before we began construction on our very first school decades ago, quality early care and education has been our focus.

At Legacy Academy, our exclusive learning process leads each child on a journey of Life Long Learning. Our proven process incorporated with optimal teacher-student ratios supports each scholar as they prepare for academic success. A Legacy learner enrolled in our exclusive private academy will be motivated by our carefully designed environment creating energy, curiosity, and experiences reinforcing a passion for learning. Through our process, each learner will be challenged, motivated, and will have fun as they learn new ideas and concepts.

Ready to learn, make new friends, and enjoy group activities, our preschoolers look forward to each school day. Our exciting curriculum includes math and literacy lessons. Early math concepts include number recognition, counting, geometric shapes, and classification. Emergent literacy skills include experiences in beginning reading and writing. Teachers expand and enhance the language concepts of three year olds by the unique activities they choose and meaningful interactions they plan. Our curriculum is built around monthly and seasonal themes, often driven by the creative thinking of the children.

Colorful spinners and rattles, stackers and clackers, and special books for babies fill shelves and encourage exploration, communication, early literacy, and curiosity. Soft toys and furniture and things to hear, touch and-yes-taste create a special place for baby brains to develop to their fullest. Based on current brain research, Plans for Infants encourage experiences in music, drama and pretending, sensory play, curiosity, literacy, art, language, and movement. Unique to our framework are a nurturing environment and Brain Power activities.

The Legacy Academy uniquely designed curriculum, Framework For Their Future provides a developmentally appropriate program that is challenging, stimulating and meets the needs of infants through school-age children. Interesting themes, combined with learning objectives, help our teachers plan learning experiences in art, music, language, fine and gross motor, emergent math and literacy, movement and drama. Our curriculum has a strong literature component. We believe that children become readers by being read to and that children become writers by having many opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings through print.

Toddlers are a very special group of children who are most unique! We further enhance that uniqueness by offering a low teacher/child ratio, allowing optimal time for positive interaction between the teacher and toddler. This is essential for bonding and building self-esteem. Psychologists state that proper bonding is a prerequisite for building sound relationships that will last a lifetime. Individual development and growth are key concepts in our toddler program. All children are given opportunities to build their fine and gross motor skills through exploration of the environment.