Little Learners Child Development Center's focus is on the academic, social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of every child through a mixture of child-initiated, teacher- directed activities. Our devoted professional team believes play is the key for learning in the early years. Play is one of the most dynamic childhood learning methods.

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  City Canton, OH
  Zip Code 44708
  Address 1433 Whipple Avn NW
  Phone Number (330) 479-1940

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Immerse your children in the learning programs offered by Little Learners Child Development Center, LTD in Canton, OH. Let our teachers help them reach their full potential. Backed by years of experience, in-depth knowledge of child development, and a burning passion to serve, we promise to give your kids a fun and engaging learning experience. The infant program is designed to give each individual infant nurturing care and appropriate stimulating activities to enhance cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.