Situated at 1805 Quarry Road, St. Cloud, Minnesota, we provide a safe and loving environment for your child, in a pretty setting. From our 50' x 75' indoor huge motor skills room to our newly equipped playground, your child will have an opportunity to be on the move!

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  City Saint Cloud, MN
  Zip Code 56301
  Address 1805 Quarry Road
  Phone Number (320) 258-7000

From Our Website

To provide an exceptional child care program designed to meet the needs of the individual child, whether typically developing or one with special needs, and their family, offering a caring, nurturing, safe, environment with specialized learning experiences, using the Creative Curriculum, for children ages 6 weeks through 6 years. We believe that all children have the right to a loving, safe, and educational childcare environment without regard to gender, race, socio- economic background, or physical and mental disabilities.

With exciting study topics and daily activities, our Toddler Program keeps the focus on fun, discovery, and learning! During naptime, children will be encouraged to rest quietly on their cots, after which they may play quietly, allowing other children to nap. Little Puzzlers participates in the USDA Food Program ensuring that your Toddler will enjoy nutritious meals and snacks. You will constantly be informed of your toddler's activities and well being with daily reports and open communication.

Very young children learn through seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, and moving. Our infant program includes visually stimulating and tactile toys, music, colorful mobiles, mirrors, soft huggable "friends", as well as toys and equipment to promote muscle development. These are just a few of the many activities to stimulate your baby's intellectual, physical, and emotional growth. All activities revolve around your baby's individual sleeping and feeding schedule. Little Puzzlers participates in the USDA Food Program insuring that your baby enjoys nutritious meals and snacks.

With exciting study topics and daily activities, our Preschool Program builds on existing knowledge and keeps the focus on fun and learning. With an emphasis on furthering language skills, social skills and problem solving, our literacy- based program will help to ready your preschooler for entering Kindergarten. Math, writing, science and nature, creativity with art, dramatic play for role playing, gym or outdoor play on the playground, fine motor activities such as puzzles, bead stringing, block building etc, music, group circle time, sensory activities, story time and group play, are all part of the preschooler's day.

Little Puzzlers uses the Creative Curriculum in all of our rooms. Using best practice, our program promotes the development of your child from infant to preschool, focusing on social skills, cognative development, fine motor and large muscle development, all in a fun and caring learning environment.