The concept of flexible hourly care sprung from their own childcare requirements. As a mother who worked part time from home, Mary Frances needed a childcare for her young son a few times a week. Sunshine Diller was working at home with a toddler and needed a place to care for her daughter several times a month in order to attend meetings.

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Growing up in a family owned business, I watched my father work hard and invest in people. He always dreamed big and taught me that I could do anything that I put my mind to. The concept for Mango's Place emerged while working from home and needing childcare. Only needing a few hours during the day and a few days a week, I knew traditional daycare was not my answer. I realized that there must be other parents who had similar struggles and unmet needs. I began to visualize a place where parents could bring their children on an hourly basis and pay for only the time the children where there.

Mango's Place is known for our flexible scheduling. Parents have the option to schedule extend times before and after their child's summer camp class. Contact your location to book your child's reservations now in the Mango room. For more information about our program teachers, visit our locations pages and select the location that your child will be attending. Tuition: Summer program payments are required on Monday of each week your child is registered for a summer session. Automatic Payment: Mango's Place has the ability to charge your account each week by safely storing a credit card on file with us.

Mango's Place uses a combination of fine and gross motor play to help children build balance, strength and develop useful skills. We encourage children at this age to explore their imagination through role playing, thinking outside the box and to start expressing their individuality. Children will become more independent and learn how to positively communicate with teachers and friends. By this age children are on the move in a big way! Teachers in this classroom will help children channel their bouncy energy into meaningful gross motor play.

Mango's Place follows the state of Ohio's early learning and development standards. Each month we have broken down key concepts and skills that will be taught in hopes that children will master by the age of five. The purpose of these standards is to support the development of young children. Mango's Place has created a curriculum that incorporates all these standards through meaningful play and instruction. Our goal is to prepare all children to be successful when they enter Kindergarten. We hope to instill a strong foundation of letter identification and sound, number identification and representation and recognition of sight words.

Mango's Place Programs are uniquely designed to guide children to discover age appropriate concepts. Sparking their curiosity, our curriculum will create endless opportunities for them to engage and learn about the world around them. Mango's Place team of teachers are certified in early education to guide your child through this phase of learning. Our team of educators invest in your child's success of learning through being a positive role model, building their self-esteem and encouraging imaginative and creative play.