The Niantic Community Church Children's Center is a licensed, non-profit, family oriented Early Childhood Program owned and run by the Niantic Community Church. We are a non-denomi n ational school and you don't need to be a member of the church to attend. The Center was set up in 1983 in response to an overwhelming need for quality childcare.

Contact Details

  City Niantic, CT
  Zip Code 06357
  Address 170 Pennsylvania Avenue
  Phone Number (860) 739-0877

From Our Website

The Niantic Community Church Children's Center is a small non-profit early childhood program that offers a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate environment. Our focus is on quality full time care at reasonable cost, where staff promote positive concepts with an emphasis on the family.

We offer a summer camp program for children ages 5-12. The campers are supervised in a 1:10 counselor to child ratio when they are at the center and a 1:6 ratio during offsite field trips. Our counselors are all over the age of 18 and receive certifications in First Aid, CPR, and Medication Administration.

Our Preschool Program aims to preserve the joys of childhood, while also preparing our oldest children for their transition to Kindergarten. Preschoolers are given a daily uninterrupted "learning cycle" to engage in play in any of the following learning stations: dramatic play, blocks, math/manipulatives, sensory, science, library, and writing. During this time, children move freely throughout the classroom as they choose where to play, which materials to use, and for how long they would like to stay in that learning station.

Children generally enter the Toddler Room between the ages of 14 and 18 months. They stay in this program until they are at least 32 months. The time spent in this room allows them to develop a secure bond with their teachers. It also allows the young toddlers to learn from their older peers. The older toddlers are given the opportunity to be leaders to the youngest students. Our Toddler Program aims to promote independence, communication skills, recognition of emotions, and a love for learning.

Our infant program is designed to support the development of infants by allowing them to establish trusting relationships with their caregivers, explore their surroundings, and learn through using their 5 senses. We provide a calm, loving, and warm environment with materials that encourage infants to develop at their own pace. We maintain a 1:4 teacher to infant ratio at all times, with no more than 8 infants in the classroom. We employ an extra full-time infant teacher, so the majority of the day is actually spent in a 3:8 teacher to infant ratio.

Each day, children participate in a combination of child-led and teacher-prompted learning experiences. We provide specials such as yoga, music and movement, and cooking, all of which are included in weekly tuition so that every child is able to participate. We have daily access to the church dining hall for indoor recess when there is inclement weather. Children can play with bikes, balls, hula hoops, and tunnels in this space. They often set up obstacle courses or organize races with their peers and teachers.