As parents, we make every effort to supply the highest possible environment that offers positive learning opportunities for active, curious minds. At North Star Academy, we like to see children growing up strong and healthy in mind and body. With us, your child will find security, healthy nutrition, physical activity, and reinforcement in values and knowledge.

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  City Argyle, TX
  Zip Code 76226
  Address 551 Rayzor Road
  Phone Number (940) 725-4114

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We take pride in our Pre-Kindergarten program here at North Star. Our Pre-K team has many years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education, and has created a theme-based curriculum that builds off of our Pre-School classes' use of Zoo Phonics and Touch Math. Your Shining Star will experience significant lifelong learning skills through active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work. We hope to help each child build a strong spiritual foundation through the study of God's word.

Not interested in Virtual learning with your Kindergartner? Do you enjoy the consistency that North Star offers during school breaks/closures? Would you prefer to give your child one more year in a smaller setting, Enroll in our new private Kindergarten with a proven literature rich curriculum.

North Star Academy has invested a great deal of time into creating the perfect Pre-School environment. This environment is based on the basic needs and skills of your three and four year olds. Our teachers will offer unconditional love, acceptance of all children, security through a consistent schedule, independence and freedom to do things for themselves, guidance in appropriate behavior, control and limits, and faith. Our Pre-School teachers have designed a theme-based curriculum where one broad topic is discussed for a period of time.

The first three years of your child's life will include the greatest recognizable changes in growth and development. This is a time when children are discovering themselves emotionally, socially, physically, and cognitively. With this in mind, a schedule will be put in place as predictability fosters the most relaxed learning environment. Routines will be created with hellos & goodbyes, diapering & toileting, eating, sleeping, and getting dressed. Within these routines your child's teacher will focus on individualizing activities, guiding proper behavior, maintaining a safe, healthy environment, and evaluating progress.

Anyone who has had to leave their baby for the first time knows how difficult this can be. No one can care for your baby like you can, but North Star Academy will make every effort possible to mirror the environment you have created at home. Our caregivers will work with you on following the schedule you have set with your child or offer help in establishing one if wanted. We will separate the youngest Infants that are not yet mobile so they can be given as much one-on-one time, hugs and cuddling as possible.

1. Contact North Star Academy to confirm space in your child's age group. 2. Schedule a trial day if recommended by North Star. 4. Pay $75 Enrollment Fee in person or over the phone.