We trust that skills are more easily obtained in a friendly atmosphere where there is respect of the child and encouragement of his attempts to learn and praise for his or her achievements. It is our belief that the abilities to read, write, and process numbers will be a natural consequence of an interest and excitement about projects which have meaning to your childs life everyday.

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  City Sandown, NH
  Zip Code 03873
  Address 56 N Road
  Phone Number (603) 887-4178

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Due to the snowstorm creating difficulty with driving tomorrow, I have decided to close Playmates for the day. We have staff who travel a good distance to come to work and I do not want them to be out in this kind of weather. 95% of our parents said they would be staying home tomorrow and would not need daycare. For those who need to make other options, I wanted to let you know early enough so that you have tonight to make plans. In 30 years, I have closed less than 6 times but feel this is a storm that requires this decision.

Meagan Morgan, MS CCC-SLP, a Speech Language Pathologist, provided our staff with an excellent training in helping children communicate. Almost everyone knows that the sugar in soda pop is bad for your teeth, but it is not commonly known that the acid content in both diet and non-diet pop compounds the trouble for your teeth. The acids directly attack tooth enamel leading to cavities. The following chart profiles both acid and sugar. As you can see, pure water, at 7.00 (neutral) is the idea. Battery acid at 1.00 is an example of a liquid that is extremely acidic.

Playmates Learning Center offers a Before School & After School Program which enables families to drop off their children between the hours of 6:30 AM until the school bus arrives. A teacher accompanies the children to the bus which stops outside our facility. Bus 138 arrives for pick-up at 8:11 AM to bring children to Sandown North Elementary School and Bus 132 brings children to Sandown Central at 8:26 AM. After school, several buses bring children to Playmates Learning Center for After School Care.

Toddlers are busy children that like to explore their environments and the more stimulation that is provided for them the more brain growth occurs. When we stimulate brain cells, the more synapses or neuron connections are created. When we plan activities that encourage toddlers to engage in meaningful activities, we are creating the foundation for memory, communication and basic concepts in math and language that will stimulate curiosity and a love of learning. We do not need to wait for children to become 3 years old to encourage social and cognitive growth.

Day care at Playmates Learning Center operates Monday through Friday from 7:00AM to 6:00 PM. We serve children ages twenty-five months and over. We are open year round but are closed for major holidays. Teachers plan an experiential, hands-on curriculum which meets individual and group needs. We utilize many of the same educational materials which are used in Preschool and Kindergarten. Children go outside daily, weather permitting. A computer is available to children with a wide variety of educational software.

It is hard to believe that we have had our Infant Program in place for a year and a half. We were full from the very beginning and have a waiting list of new babies to join us. I will add more information soon but know that we have outstanding teachers in our Infant Room who love to take excellent care of our babies.