I'm committed to partnering with parents to assist in raising your child(ren) uprightly. I'm stirred up more than ever about influencing and impacting the lives of each child and their parents-within my care. We want them learning from the start. Not only do I want the best care for your child in reaching all their milestones, being educated, creating healthy friendships, but ultimately knowing who God is. I want each child to know they are valued, fearfully & wonderfully made, in God's image; and that He has a plan for them-it's a plan to prosper them, not to harm them but to give them a hope and a future. Children are our future; so they should be in an environment that will aide to their success. I count it a true privilege and joy to be in such a position.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Great Reviews
  • Lots of Experience in Newborn to Teens
  • Educated Childcare Provider
  • Stable, Safe, Smoke & Alcohol free enviorment

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Pediatric First Aid Certified
  • Pediatric AED Certified
  • Pediatric CPR Certified
  • Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect course has been completed
  • Enrolled in Oregon Criminal History Registry (Background check has been run & cleared)
  • Parenting With A Purpose Seminar & Course Completed
  • Taken 2 years of Early Childhood Development Class
  • Child Behavior & a 2nd Childhood development Class Completed
  • Food Handler's Card
  • Always take advantage of on-going education

Serviced Areas

  • Aloha, Oregon (I run an In-Home Christian Childcare)

Payment Options

  • Personal Checks, Cash

Contact Details

  Person Christina Rauschert
  City Beaverton, OR
  Zip Code 97007
  Address Off TV Hwy
  Phone Number (503) 358-9258

Business Representative

Christina Rauschert

Owner & Director

When I was only four years old I could already sense the powerful call upon my life. Adults would ask me, what I wanted to be when I grew up; and I would reply, "I want to be a wife and a mom" Most would look at me puzzled and responded, "Well what else do you want to be?" or "What job would you like to have?" I suppose my answer wasnt very popular since most children were saying they wanted to be a fireman, doctor, or lawyer (which are also very respectable careers) But I want now just as much as then, to be what God wants me to be. I knew there was a reason, I had a deep & strong desire within me to be the best, loving wife & mother. I believe that being the help-mate to my husband & supporting him to fulfill his purpose while raising children who whole-heartedly serve God-will be a huge accomplishment. But I dont want to limit God to just that, I want to be used by him and impact the lives of others, through the power of Christ...Now as an adult, I am in the midst of walking it out. I am Christina Rauschert, Director & Teacher of Precious Little Ones Christian Childcare. I'm married to my wonderful husband-David & have two beautiful children. My daughter-Hailey (2 1/2 yrs. old) & our newest little blessing, Austin; born in September. It's a passion of mine to stay at home and raise my children; so I count myself extremely blessed to be able to do so, while I can touch the lives of others. With purpose on my life for God & my family, I whole-heartedly serve Precious Little Ones Childcare as a ministry. I believe, children feel most comfortable and function best in a small group of friends, with a familiar, consistent caregiver. Warm, positive relationships with adults and peers help them to develop a sense of trust, and feelings of worth. Precious little ones are encouraged to explore & learn through safe materials and ideas. Through active involvement with their environment, they add pieces of information to do what they already know, thereby stimulating their environment, filled with learning experiences. Children are offered the opportunity to learn and develop skills, attitudes, and knowledge necessary to becoming independent, productive individuals. I realize that as your child's caregiver, I'm not just babysitting, but helping you raise your child; instilling what they need to grow up to be successful individuals & by being a mentor & companion to your child. It would be an honor to care for your child(ren). I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Customer Testimonials

I first discovered Precious Little Ones Childcare on Craigslist. I was impressed first of all by the name. Secondly, there was an adorable picture of Christina with her little girl in the ad. My desire was to have a Christian child care provider for my girls. Christina was a blessing more than she will ever know. Her care surpassed every expectation I had as a mom. I wish there were more childcare options where I live now like Precious Little Ones!

Christina and her family have given me a good example on a structured and balanced way of life. She not only took care of my son, she invested good in him. I very grateful.

I highly recommend Christina for the care of children! She is patient, encouraging and loving. I have had the privilege to work with her as well as have her and her family in my life with my own children. I trust her entirely and always look forward to her positive outlook. The values she practices in her own life will be a great example for all around her. Precious Little Ones is a fun and safe place for any child and you will be blessed by this childcare!

You are amazing with peoples children! They love seeing you and being around playing with you. Once they have met you they are wanting to see you again, as I observed.

I have watched Christina take care of children and babies at the same time, she is loving, caring and creates a very nurturing atmosphere for them. I've watched her pray for them, hug them, read to them and help to comfort them while promoting a sense of care and politeness between the kids themselves. I appreciate the way she disciplines too, very loving with words and an explanation, and sometimes a time out. I believe she's one of the finest childcare places in the area and appreciate her taking care of my grandchildren when she's able. Thank you Miss Christina.

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