At PreSchool PLUS we provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for our children. We believe in learning through play with a balance between independence and structure. Our program addresses the whole child: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and psychological development. Our multicultural, diverse, age-appropriate instructional approach stresses the importance of respecting and honoring all children as individuals.

PreSchool PLUS Early Learning Program, incorporated in 1985, is an early learning program located in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia. From the earliest days at PreSchool PLUS our goal has consistently been is to ensure our program represents the best attributes in child care.

Qualified, dedicated practitioners whose behaviors reflect a belief in the dignity and value of each child;
Strong partnership between parent and practitioner in the care and education of the children;
Ongoing parent and practitioner education and communication;
Consistency in care and education through a professional, highly trained group of practitioners;and a multi-cultural enrollment.

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  City Philadelphia, PA
  Zip Code 19119
  Address 224 E. Gowen Ave.
  Phone Number (215) 248-4455

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PreSchool PLUS's philosophy is based on a vision of young children as strong problem solvers, rather than as empty vessels to be filled. Therefore regular and ongoing life experiences, as practitioners and children live together in the center, are the basis for learning. Children learn in a holistic way, and consideration of social-emotional development is primary at the youngest ages and stages of development. Cognitive development is a part of the whole picture and is included in all that we do at PreSchool PLUS.

We have three mixed-age learning groups: Infants/Young Toddlers, Older Toddlers and Big Kids. In each group the primary goals of the curriculum are to learn through play, to develop social skills, and to promote creative expression, understanding that positive relationships are needed for positive growth. We utilize a variety of experiences to accomplish these goals, including reading, arts and crafts, music/singing, dancing, dramatic/pretend play, blocks, puzzles, and other hands-on activities.

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