We're always searching for substitutes! Call or email for more information. The mission of Ready, Set, Go! is to provide a fun, safe, healthy and educational environment for kids of any age that promotes development at all stages through exploration, play and structured activities. This includes the flexibility to take advantage of teachable moments created by child interest or spontaneous events.

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Today at circle we worked on signing the letter I. We sang our ABC's, Hokey Pokey, Leaves are Falling. We read Run Turkey Run and Pumpkins on the hill. We learned a little more about the weather and how it is ever changing. We counted 5 days till Miles turns 3! We worked on making THANKFUL TURKEYS with paper, glue and googly eyes. We did some patterning with turkeys and pumpkin pies. Sorted colors and shapes. We talked about how its exciting that we all get a choice and are aloud to choose what we like.

Morning circle consisted of: Calendar, colors, shapes, counting to 27 weather, Hokey pokey, Row Row your boat. We also spend time learning about Kangaroos! Worked on some of our deep breathing exercises and yoga poses. At circle we sang 5 little pumpkins, the leaves are falling, Hokey Pokey and The Animals are sleeping. We worked on our ABC's, our ghost and black cat patterning. We made spooky witches out of paint and egg cartoons. This afternoon we played Feed the monster, pin the face on the pumpkin and the ghost pass!

Brrrrr its starting to get cold out! We do go out almost everyday! Please send your child with hat, mittens, boots and snow pants even if there is no snow as it is cold. Our art project today focused on the letter J and the color of the month which are Yellow and brown. We took J cutouts and glued different size paper to make a fall pattern.

A beautiful fall day. We decided to discover the changes in the world around us. We discovered that its cooler outside, the leaves are starting to change colors, leaves are starting to fall to the ground, there are acorns and pine cones everywhere. We also decided to harvest the carrots in our garden and gather some apples and walk to fed the horses. At circle we worked on the Calendar, weather, the letter b, yoga posses for the letter B. We counted and sang our ABC's, Signed baby, boy, bed. Ask your child how to sign those.

Rain Rain go away never mind we shall still go out to play! It was a misty morning however that did not stop us from some serious bubble making/blowing. Will put the basketball hoop up and boy oh boy is it exciting to throw the ball up and try and make a baskets.

We earned a special ice cream treat for all our hard work searching and keep a positive outlook. Oh and of course for the creative stories on where/why Chocolate escaped to. We will continue to search.

Today we were able to play outside and enjoy the snow. We climbed snowbanks and went sledding on the hill next to the playground! During circle we worked on counting, abc sign language, weather, calendar, letter R (signs rain, read and room). We talked about love-Why we love people, animals, things, mommy and daddy, etc. We sang If Your Happy and You Know It. Arts and crafts-we made tissue hearts and started working on our wet felt hearts. Today we talked about keeping ourselves safe, who strangers are, who we should ask for help if we are lost.

Circle: ABC's, Counting to 10, Weather, We read Lama Lama Red Pajama and If you give a pig a party! Activities: We learned that airplanes fly high in the sky and can take us to many different places. We made our own wooden air planes and painted them.