Rhythm and Rhyme Child Care is a NYS licensed facility. We are family owned & operated. Serving kids from 6 weeks through 12 years of age in a new modern facility in Warwick, we pride ourselves on superb education and care. Come visit us and see quality child care in action.

Contact Details

  City Warwick, NY
  Zip Code 10990
  Address 65 Ronald Reagan Boulevard
  Phone Number (845) 987-7771

From Our Website

All children are unique. We strongly believe that by using their senses and individual intelligences our children will thrive and enjoy learning. Our classrooms have art, music / movement, and exercise daily with no added cost. It's all part of Rhythm & Rhyme. Whether your child is a budding scientist, musician, author, mathematician, philosopher, naturalist, artist, or whatever their intelligence and interest may be, we have a place for every individual to explore, discover and learn. Children will also be part of the larger community through activities that involve families and local groups, as well as charitable endeavors that assist children, families, animals, the environment, and others that may need our help.

Each credentialed head teacher prepares lessons within thematic weeks to foster an experiential learning environment which will entice and enrich the young minds of our students. We use the Creative Curriculum to guide us in developmentally appropriate practices, as well as evaluate the progress of our students for parent / teacher confrences. Children have the opportunity to work and play independently, or in groups, while learning to respect each other, take turns, and develop positive communication skills.