Welcome to Rising Generations - where we aid your child make big strides in learning! Our mission is to supply your child with quality care and a strong educational foundation. Our website is filled with all the information you need to learn about Rising Generations and the difference we make in the hearts and minds of our kids.

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  City Capitol Heights, MD
  Zip Code 20743
  Address 6045 Central Aven
  Phone Number (301) 967-2565

From Our Website

As a family-owned business with decades of experience, we promise that your child will get the personal attention and support they need. They deserve oodles of love and praise to brighten their world as they take their first learning steps. Practical life skills and social skills are a part of your child's early learning plan. Your child will carry with them lasting self-confidence, loving friendships, along with a lifelong love for learning. Your child discovers their unique talents while contributing positively to those around them.

Rising Generations was born in the hearts of owners Kelvin and Paulette Munford in 1997. They've led a family-centered experience from then on and now have a center that boasts Maryland State Certified Lead teachers with an average tenure of 10 or more years. Along with the quality curriculum, outdoor play, and a warm, nurturing environment, this distinction sets this school apart, and your child benefits from the enduring trust and care from the familiar faces they bond with throughout their most precious years.

Your child's individual development is prioritized in a program designed to leverage the fundamentals they've already built during the school semester. Watch them take their skills and flourish throughout the break. Your child stays engaged and excited with an array of experiences to enjoy. Field trips, picnics, music sessions, art projects, cooking, and visits from local professionals are just some of the varied activities they can look forward to. Your child enjoys the guidance of experienced teaching staff in daily tutoring sessions tailored to their grade and ability to give them extra support where it's needed and a push where they can excel.

Your child is prepared for pre-k education with classes and activities specially designed by the staff team to facilitate their emotional and academic growth. With consistent encouragement, they also build self-discipline and character. Your child enjoys breakfast, lunch, and two snacks every day, all made on-site in the commercial-grade kitchen. They discover new flavors and a taste for healthy food that gives them the fuel they need. Add a touch of professionalism to your child's school day, which is proven to enhance learning opportunities.

Toddlers aged up to 23 months play together, while kids of two years and older mix with one another so your child continues to interact with their peers of the same age. They explore activities that cater to their specific developmental needs. Your child gets the attention, compassion, and educational guidance they need from highly trained teachers with years of experience. Teachers can redirect challenging behavior and reinforce the essentials like kindness and manners. Stay involved with your child's school day with open-ended communication and full access to classrooms and play areas.

Your child is in the capable hands of a highly qualified team of teachers, many of whom have been with the school for more than ten years. With dedication and consistency, they offer unparalleled expertise to mold and encourage young minds. Naturally curious, your child is nurtured to explore, investigate, and inquire in a safe and stimulating environment. Their nature leads them to an organic love of learning that will support them throughout their lives. In big, bright, colorful classrooms, your child's curiosity, interests, ideas, and talents grow and expand.

Your child's gentle introduction to solid food is based around two healthy meals and two snacks per day made on-site in a commercial kitchen. They discover new and different healthy food and develop good eating habits. At this critical age, your child enjoys circle time and structured activities as part of playtime to prepare them for their preschool career, so they progress with ease through each developmental milestone. Your child plays, learns, and thrives in beautiful, large, child-centered rooms.