Sand Spring Learning Center is dedicated to delivering quality child care in a stimulating, caring environment. We understand that kids are individuals and each one is developing physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially at his or her own pace. Our classes are structured to foster this growth through play and activities geared for the age appropriate level of the group.

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  City Schnecksville, PA
  Zip Code 18078
  Address 4480 Sprng Hl Drv
  Phone Number (610) 799-2345

From Our Website

We know that children love to play and have a great curiosity about the world around them. We know they are learning many new skills which they are always eager to try out. Our classes provide ample opportunity for play, exploration, and practice of self-help skills.

There is time for independent play in dramatic play, blocks, and cars, or time to just relax and look at picture books in the library. There are also more structured activities including circle time, storytelling, music, and art. We know, too, that potty training is a big step for toddlers, so we approach it in partnership with you.

Preschoolers love to do things on their own, yet they still need the reassurance that routine and structure provide. Our preschool teachers do a wonderful job of creating an atmosphere that includes both. The children are encouraged to play and explore in many different areas including library, music, science, blocks, and art. There are also structured group times for calendar, singing songs, and storytelling and we work on reading readiness through letter recognition, letter sounds, and sight words.

Our staff provides a nurturing, stimulating environment that allows babies to explore and learn about the world around them. Our Infant room is a cozy, loving place, with lots of cuddling and hugs. During the day there is plenty of time for exploring and social interaction and our low teacher to child ratio ensures that your baby will get lots of individual attention. We also know each baby is unique, so we work with you to follow your baby's individual schedule. Each day you will receive a "What I Did Today" paper to let you know all about your baby's day.