What if their futures - their self-confidence, their careers, their family life, and their contributions to society - depend on what they learn and experience today? Throughout the school year and during summer school, all Schoolhouse Montessori Academy students have a daily purpose fueled by their own natural inquisitiveness. Imagine a young child with a basketful of blocks.

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Schoolhouse Montessori Academy elementary children explore a rich curriculum that integrates subjects through meaningful, real-life projects. Our instructors strive to create a rich environment in which children are free to explore the joys of learning, and in which they can receive the individual attention needed to reach their full potential. Where many traditional educational systems focus on a median performance level, teaching to the whole and not the individual, the Montessori philosophy strives to help children advance at their own pace, so they are neither bored, nor left behind.

Research shows our brains blossom through active use, and toddlers, like little scientists, are eager to explore. Our Montessori program invites children on a daily adventure in a safe, secure environment. When promoted as part of the learning process, even simple life skill tasks can lead to greater physical independence and confidence that promotes intellectual exploration and creativity in children, even at a very young age. We are also one of the few Montessori schools and daycare, preschool alternatives that offers toilet training support, through cooperation between parents and staff.

If teaching is to be effective with young children, it must assist them on the way to independence. It must initiate them into those kinds of activities which they can perform themselves. We must help them to learn how to walk without assistance, to run, to go up and down the stairs, to pick up fallen objects. That's why Schoolhouse Montessori Academy goes beyond what a daycare can offer and supports infants in absorbing the world around them in true Montessori fashion. Schoolhouse Montessori Academy provides an environment that is physically safe, cognitively challenging, and emotionally nurturing.