Lissette Palencia arrived in Los Angeles twenty four years ago from Barcelona. An avid traveler with a passion for art and culture, Lissette became aware early on that she had a special talent for interpreting infant behavior, and communicating with young children. She soon came to the realization that her life's goal was to help parents facilitate healthy and loving relationships with their children through good communication. This basic idea was the foundation on which she created her highly successful nanny placement and domestic staffing agency, Sleeping Angels Co.

Lissette's extensive business experience has helped her maintain the highest level of professionalism for her clients. She and her Sleeping Angels Co. teams main goal is to improve the quality of childcare by paying specific attention to each family's needs in order to find the best candidate to seamlessly fit into their household. For more specific information on our services and childcare approach, please feel free to review our service section. We look forward to working closely with you and your family.

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  City Santa Monica , CA
  Zip Code 90401
  Address 528 Arizona Ave Suite #300
  Phone Number (310) 451-5692

Products & Services

Baby Nurses

With each and every baby nurse, we offer outstanding professionalism, which will provide you with immediate care for your newborn as you and your family adjust to the new routines and schedules.

Our baby nurses provide their expertise during the post-recovery period focusing on all the specific newborn care needs, which include, feeding, diapering, bathing, infant laundry, and allowing the parents to get the much-needed rest during this period.

Sleep Consultants

Lissette Palencia has worked with children and their parents for over fifteen years caring for youth ages newborn to teen. In her journey of working with children, she has taught the elements of good communication between parent and child. She has also improved the sleep habits of those children who find long and peaceful sleep an issue.

Over the years as a baby sleep consultant, she has been developing her own unique and highly successful approach to solving childhood sleeping problems. Her philosophy is based on her professional experience with children, her education, and her knowledge of different child development methods including RIE (Resources for Infants Educarers) and Waldorf.


Sleeping Angels Co. will help you find and hire the perfect nanny for your needs. Whether you're looking for a full-time live-in nanny or a professional nanny to look after your child for just a night.

Focusing on each child's safety and well-being, our nannies tasks include, but are not limited to, cleaning the play area, maintaining a safe environment, supervising activities, bathing, meal preparation, participating in play & motor skill development, laundry, and reading/tutoring.

Customer Testimonials

I have two little guys now 5 and 3 years old. I have used Sleeping Angels Co. with both of my children. Each time Lissette and her team were very professional and knew exactly what we needed. She immediately placed a nanny we love to this day! I will be using Sleeping Angels Co. for many years to come and have referred them to many other families. They have all come back with rave reviews. I trust Sleeping Angels Co.and I recommend them highly!

Lisette is a professional. Among her assets: she is a very good communicator, she is organized and she has great judgement. She promptly found several nannies for us to interview and quickly discerned which type of nanny who would best fit our needs. We are very happy with the service provided by Sleeping Angels.

Amazing. Lissette was amazing! She is extremely, responsive, professional, and supportive. Our little one sleeps like an angel now. My wife and I are beyond grateful we found Lissette. She is truly a miracle worker.

We had an entirely positive, even life-changing experience with Lissette at Sleeping Angels. We were desperate: our 18 month old son was waking up every couple of hours and sleeping on our pillows. She came to meet with us and gave us a plan. Within two days, our son who'd never slept through the night was sleeping for twelve hours and taking two daytime naps. In addition, she re instated our elder son's naps, who had insisted at three that he was too old for them! Both boys almost overnight became happier, more well behaved and calmer. Not to mention my husband and I started sleeping more than a few hours at a time again! I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants their child or children to establish healthy sleeping habits. She is a true expert, with a natural affinity for babies and toddlers. She is extremely intuitive and experienced, and I believe she could remedy any sleeping problem!

Top local nanny agency in Santa Monica. Sleeping Angels Co. team are friendly and very professional, I highly recommend them to any family in need of childcare.

So happy with sleeping angels! Lissette is the best. So caring and helpful. I would highly recommend her to anyone with a newborn child. Thanks!


About Sleeping Angels

At Sleeping Angels Co, we strive to place only the most highly qualified candidates with our clients. We take pride in pairing our families with the very best childcare professionals for each child's individual needs. We are passionate about working with children, and we work with nannies who share our passion not only for caring for kids but for helping them to reach their potential.

Sleep Consultant & Nanny Agency Services | Sleeping Angels Co

Sleep Consultant & Nanny Agency Services | Sleeping Angels Co

Sleep Consultant & Nanny Agency Services | Sleeping Angels Co

Sleep Consultant & Nanny Agency Services | Sleeping Angels Co

Sleep Consultant & Nanny Agency Services | Sleeping Angels Co

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