We trust that kids's innate curiosity is the natural doorway to a child's intellectual development. We enhance that with experiences designed to encourage the child's social, creative, and intelectual growth. Stonebrook Day School is owned locally and is owner operated. Well beyond the basics, your child will receive care and education unlike any other in Murfreesboro.

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  City Murfreesboro, TN
  Zip Code 37129
  Address 140 West Thompson Lane
  Phone Number (615) 893-7372

From Our Website

Welcome to Stonebrook Day School - wearelocated on a 3-acre natural learning campusin Murfreesboro, TN. Our students range from 6 weeks to 5years. The school is open 12 hours a day, five days a week, 12 months a year. Every effort has been made to provide our students, preschool and daycare, quality learning opportunities and diverse settings that go beyond walls. Throughout the campus, materials and surroundings are designed to deepen each children's inquiryinto the world around them. Stonebrook Day School'searly childhood educators bring a pledge to help guide each child to their unique potential.

At Stonebrook Day School of Murfreesboro, we're devoted to nurturing the development of the whole child in a loving, safe community of children, parents, and teachers. We provide inspiring, hands-on learning experiences in a friendly, safe environment, thoughtfully designed to engage your child's curiosity and foster his or her emotional, social, physical and intellectual growth. We offer the encouragement and tools children need to develop their individualpotential, grounded in a rich curriculum based on up-to-date, research-based principles and practices of early childhood education.

Stonebrook Day School of Murfreesboro Infant Care Program assures your new child a safe and loving environment throughout the day. Babies are introduced to healthy social and emotional interaction, language acquisition, body awareness, and motor control. The principles of Reggio Emilia inspire the play space for the little ones. It is designed to encourage independent play, interaction with stimulating materials and create curiosity about the world around them. Caregivers have been educated and trained for their critical duties.

At Stonebrook Day School of Murfreesboro TN, our learning experiences are diverse, collaborative, community-based, and creativity-driven. We offer age-tailored programs for: Newborn Babies and Infants, Toddlers & Twos, Preschool and Pre K. Each program has its own unique curriculum. Meeting highest standards. Infant and toddler programs are 5 days a week while programs for 2 to 5 year olds are offered on a T-Th, M-W-F, or 5 day a week basis. We are a year around school with open enrollment; admission based on application date and availability.

Twos teachers build on our programs. They use hundreds of different learning activities - language, communication, cognitive skills, creativity, gross and fine motor skills, critical thinking skills. Personal and social skills all work into the children's day. Daily reports are available for parents at pick-up time. Of course, there is always an artistic masterpiece for your refrigerator, walls, or workspace! Each child has their own portfolio. It is updated by teachers. The portfolio is a digest.