Next to the family, Tender Learning Centre supplies the finest care available through our uncompromising commitment to the finest quality care for kids. We supply this quality by maintaining a consistent, professional, and concerned team and by having innovative programs to understand the critical requirements to nurture, stimulate, and challenge the developing child in these most important formative years.

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  City Burlington, MA
  Zip Code 01803
  Address 87 2nd Avenue
  Phone Number (781) 272-9250

From Our Website

We have two Toddler rooms. This is the younger room which ranges in age from sixteen months to two years old. In the younger Toddler room there are many activities including story time, water play, coloring, songs and much more. All of the activities are flexible and based on the mood and the need of the children. The ratio is two teachers with nine children.

We have two Infant rooms. This is the younger room which is designed for infants ranging from two months to approximately ten months. The infants move up to the crawler room when they are pulling themselves up and crawling well. The ratio is three children to one teacher. In this room the schedule is based on the needs of each individual child. All children are moved to the Crawler room when they are developmentally ready.