Come see what a wonderful world of fun and learning is waiting for your child! Terre's Tots provides all the elements necessary for rich, fun pre-school learning nestled in your child's "work-day' while you work. From Infants to school-age, Terre's Tots is the hallmark of high quality educational child care in the Burnsville and Lakeville area.

In order to learn and develop, children need opportunities to experience success... Terre's Tots makes all the elements for success ready and available for your child in a nurturing environment designed to foster the growth of self-esteem and self-worth. Play skills are life skills... let's have fun learning about life!

Terre's Tots is an educational family child care in a home designed and specifically built to provide nurturing child care and pre-school education. We offer the best of a center in terms of a child-friendly physical space and the best of family daycare in terms of loving support grounded in long-term continuity and consistency of care.

Terre's Tots is a place where the caregivers know the ages and stages of child development and use this knowledge to create an environment ripe with optimal advantages and opportunities for your child.

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  • Burnsville, Lakeville

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  Person Terre Britt
  City Burnsville, MN
  Zip Code 55337
  Address 13904 Fremont Avenue
  Phone Number (952) 890-2078

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Terre Britt


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Terre's Tots offers children the opportunity to grow, learn, laugh and play as children are meant to do. We take care of families while families take care of their careers. We care for children from birth to 11 years of age.

  • There are no advantages of putting your child in a negative environment
  • This provider really needs to be investigated by the state. There are serious issues here.

I was looking for a day care provider for my pre school aged child since my employer requested a schedule change.

I offered to help out my employer and thought I'd try Terre's Tots. Had I known how irresponsible the staff was at this establishment, I never would have agreed to the schedule change at my job.

In fact, looking back I would have been better off finding a different job (if it came down to that versus agreeing to the schedule change).

My child absolutely hated going to this day care (crying and begging me not to go). We've been to other providers since and my child is actually excited and looks forward to seeing the other kids and staff. It took a few sessions to adjust and build trust back up, but kids can be incredibly resilient. I'm hoping there is no long term negative impact on my child from the experience at Terre's Tots.

I hope this review helps.

Value for moneyCan't put a price on child well being
Service & supportStaff is unfriendly, harsh, and lacks patience
QualityVery poor, and does not seem safe for kids
LocationNo issue with location
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Not applicable
  • Traumatic experience for children

Unfortunately, I must agree with previous negative reviews of this establishment. After bringing my daughter to Terre's Tots she has never been the same about going to day care. My child spent a week at the day care before I started to notice a change in her behavior. After the first day, she seemed a little 'off' but I assumed it was just a matter of adjusting to day care. By the end of the week she was so terrified to go back that I had to take time off from work so that I could stay home with my child.

My husband and I talked to our friend, who is a child psychologist, and the doctor agrees there was some sort of 'abuse' that had taken place there. We've since found a reputable day care and our daughter is doing MUCH better now. I recommend reading reviews online, or talking to friends before bringing your child to a new daycare. There are some good ones in the area, just not Terre's Tots.

Value for moneySee above
Service & supportSee above
QualitySee above
LocationLocation is good, unfortunately care provided is poor
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Can't think of any
  • Very negative environment for children

I regret using this provider for my son. You will end up feeling inappropriately judged by the staff. They are very unprofessional and NOT out for the best interest of children. There are many exceptional providers in the Twin Cities area. Do yourself a favor and take these reviews to heart. You will be so glad that you did. Our children deserve the best, and this provider is the worst!

Value for moneyExpensive for the service
Service & supportDamaging to child development
QualityPoor, they will judge you
LocationNot an ideal location, difficult to get to
Overall ratingFair

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