Welcome to The Summit Preparatory Academy, a premier childcare supplier and preschool in White House, Tennessee. We understand that each child is uniquely designed with varied learning styles and we believe learning is maximized when it occurs in an atmosphere enriched with support, encouragement and direction.

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  City White House, TN
  Zip Code 37188
  Address 1080 Hiway 76
  Phone Number (615) 285-0058

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Choosing the best daycare and early education program for your children can be difficult. You want to make sure they're in a supportive and safe environment, and that they are getting the very best instruction and care they can get. Whether work responsibilities demand parents find alternative daycare and instruction for their children during the day, or parents believes their children can benefit from an organized program at an early age, The Summit Preparatory Academy is here to provide a safe and joyful environment that will nurture a child's confidence and self-esteem, while equipping them to listen carefully, think clearly, and act wisely.

Our goal is for every child at The Summit to become a well-adjusted, responsible, joyful individual who can serve as a role-model for their peers-and that's not too much to ask! We have found that the proper nourishment of a child's mind, spirit, and body helps give them a clear path to success. How? Classroom sizes are small enough that each child receives individualized attention- we "get to know" every child. Plus, the A Beka curriculum is specially designed for individual needs. Our teachers and caregivers understand the power of positive reinforcement, praise, and positive redirection.

The A Beka Curriculum works wonderfully for kindergarteners! Children learn new words by combining and changing sounds to create new words from ones they already know. Reading advances at a rapid pace. Kindergarteners are taught to read with a systematic, intensive, phonics-based, step-by-step reading plan, giving them a solid foundation for developing exceptional reading skills. Your child will learn to read with wonderful accuracy! Science becomes an even greater component in your kindergartner's education as your child learns about God's plan for seeds, animals, the seashore, health, weather, and seasons.

Knox started at Summit Preparatory Academy in September 2013. He was 18 months at the time, transitioning from a home-based daycare. As we were approaching the two-year mark, we felt it was time for a more structured, learning based environment. We could not be happier with this decision! Knox is so happy at Summit, and his attitude and communication skills prove it. He leaves everyday singing and dancing the whole way home! He has developed so much from Day One. Thank you to the Faculty and Staff of Summit Preparatory Academy for providing unmatchable care.

Now your child can continue the quality education they've been accustomed to without missing a beat. Kindergarten at The Summit means the same healthy meals, secure environment, and joyous atmosphere children enjoy during preschool, but with a more advanced curriculum in a more sophisticated classroom-like setting. It's a fun and gradual way to gently transition your child from the preschool mindset to the more structured grade-school environment without fear or stress. Learning should be fun! We continue with the A Beka curriculum adding greater challenges like more advanced phonics and lessons about history, weather, health, and seasons.

If you have an infant 6 weeks to 12 months, they will be monitored constantly for comfort and cleanliness. Diapers will be changed quickly and will immediately be disposed of outside the nursery so every room stays clean and pleasant. Our childcare providers are warm and gentle. They understand that the first years of your baby's life are critical to the later academic, social, and developmental success he or she will achieve. Your child will never be allowed to play in a swing for too long, and will be encouraged to interact using all five senses.