We provide a complete array of child care for kids 6 weeks through 12 years of age. We offer separate nursery school programs for 3 and 4 year olds to prepare for Kindergarten. We have a range of full time, part time, variable and drop-in schedules that can be customised to suit your busy schedule.

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  City Macedon, NY
  Zip Code 14502
  Address 1045 Brixton Driv
  Phone Number (315) 986-0975

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Did you know that the capacity of the brain to absorb new learning peaks at age 3? Scientists have learned that a toddler's brain develops over one hundred trillion brain synapses. A brain synapses is the "wiring" between two brain cells that grasps new learning. The more the synapses, the more your brain will learn! It is during this time that the human brain has the highest potential for new learning in its lifetime. Appropriate early childhood programs not only help your child's brain develop in a timely fashion, they also contribute to physical, emotional and social development.

Intent is to provide the security, comfort and love necessary for positive growth and development. Intent is to provide a firm foundation for intellectual, social and emotional growth. Our toddler program helps each child "learn to learn" by allowing them to discover for themselves the mechanics of everyday living. This progressive program is an individual process based on each child's accomplished abilities, interests, needs, maturity level & personality. Intent is to provide concrete hands on experiences designed to reinforce and stimulate growth.