Since 1987, the Vogel Alcove has been delivering free quality child development services to the Dallas area's youngest victims of poverty: very young homeless kids. The Vogel Alcove is the only comprehensive early childhood education program in the city of Dallas whose primary focus is to supply free services for homeless kids who face multiple developmental risks.

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  City Dallas, TX
  Zip Code 75231
  Address 7557 Rambler Rd # 262
  Phone Number (214) 368-8686

From Our Website

Approximately 3,000 children in Dallas go to sleep each night without a home of their own. We're on a mission to help young children overcome the lasting and traumatic effects of homelessness. It is our vision that every child in our community has a home, a self-sufficient family and a foundation for success in school and life - and the clock is ticking. 90% of brain development happens by the age of five. Without intervention at this critical time, homeless children may suffer lifelong social, emotional and educational deficits.

We offer therapeutic educational programs that are specifically designed to support children (ages six weeks to 12 years) who are experiencing the trauma of homelessness. These programs include Early Childhood Services, School-Age services, Mental Health Services, Health Services & Family Support. Our target population consists of children and families served by local organizations and governmental entities providing services to families affected by homelessness. When appropriate, these entities refer families to Vogel Alcove.

Our work on behalf of homeless children and their families consists of three major, therapeutic programs: Early Childhood Services, School-Age Services and Family Support. Within these programs, we provide everything from infant care to homework help to speech therapy to case management - and much more. We offer such comprehensive services because homelessness affects every aspect of a child's being-physical, intellectual, emotional and social-and it is only by addressing all of these areas that we can begin to empower these children to succeed in life despite their circumstances.

We understand that children living in trauma face unique challenges. Our highly-trained teachers and staff provide therapeutic early childhood and school-aged programs, family support and physical/mental health services, all tailored to the needs of homeless children ages six weeks to 12 years old. Homelessness inflicts trauma on children's lives. We give them hope. YOU can help. Our Therapeutic Early Childhood Programming is accredited by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).