Advert1 PositionThis is the Advert1 module position, which doesn't have module hilites. Day Care because we're licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare to supply safe care of a child during the absence of a parent. School because we're licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education; there is a planned curriculum and accredited persons to teach.

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  City Harleysville, PA
  Zip Code 19438
  Address 873 Harleysville Pikes
  Phone Number (215) 256-1222

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Our toddler program is designed to challenge the older toddler in the discovery of learning. The planned curriculum allows for growth through discovery and exploration of their physical and social environments. The children develop at their own pace via many hands-on activities. We ease transition from "toddlerdom" to preschool with loving support and enthusiasm. Parent input and support is always welcome; and is a necessity during toilet training. Is a group activity where teachers and children talk about the current theme, calendar, and weather.

The goal of the Infant/Toddler program is centered around the idea that children play to learn. Age appropriate activities allow children to explore and manipulate in order to create a hands on, mind on environment. Infant development is steady and exciting during the first years of life. Your child's days at The Children's Cottage are filled with encouragement and exposure to fun and challenging activities. The children are encouraged to reach milestones through interactive play, art projects, music, and sensory exploration.

Our goal is to provide quality care in a secure setting which allows independent child-directed activities at different developmental levels. The curriculum fosters natural curiosity and social skills necessary for a successful adjustment to school. Our large classroom area enables staff to provide a dynamic environment; it allows for greater freedom in play and more structured choices, while maintaining security. The preschool program is a whole language program based on weekly themes. In an open classroom environment, mixed ages will benefit through modeling and helping each other.

3:30 - 5:00 Free Choice Children arriving before 9:00 and staying after 5:00 will be involved with indoor/outdoor directed activities. An intimate camp setting with experienced staff provides an emphasis on cooperation through art, sport and music activities. Campers have freedom of choice within a structured program; and although maintaining reading skills is stressed, summer is for FUN! Certain activities through the summer may require a separation of older/younger campers to better involve all age/abilities.

The Wigwam Academic Day School strives to foster holistic growth as a child develops emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually. By setting individual, attainable goals in these four areas of skill development, we provide for successful adjustment to first grade. Several short workbooks are used to reinforce the following skills: beginning phonics, visual perception, listening/ following directions, critical thinking and eye-hand coordination. We believe that children learn best through experiencing their world.

Our toddler program is based on the belief that the process is what is crucial, not the outcome. The qualified, patient and energetic staff ensures a safe environment in which a multitude of new activities and experiences are introduced. All lunches must be eaten as prepared. 2. Breakfast will be allowed until 8:00 AM only. 3. Items requiring the use of a spoon are to be left at home unless the child has the ability to use spoons. 4. All cups must have sippy lids. 5. 6. While eating, all children are asked to remain seated at a table.