The Wooden Shoe is approved by the NY State Education Department as a PRIVATE nursery school, and is licensed to supply child care by the NY State Department of Social Services. We serve families with young kids, ages 2 months through Kindergarten.

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  City Valley Stream, NY
  Zip Code 11580
  Address 1049 Hunter Avn
  Phone Number (516) 285-6558

From Our Website

Our buses are equipped with all the latest safety devices. Each driver is provided with a cellular phone so two-way communication is always possible. Door-to-door service is available upon request. All children under the age of four are required to be secured in a federally approved car seat. Each driver's license is reviewed and reported to the school each year. All bus drivers are fingerprinted, certified in CPR, basic First Aid, and school bus safety training. A "behind the wheel" driving test as well as a written exam pertaining to all current school bus regulations is required annually.

It should be recognized that the toddler group is a diverse one, and that each child is different. We should recognize and encourage some difference, while at the same time providing opportunities for the toddler to enhance his/her developmental progress. Goals have to be constantly re-assessed in terms of the current needs of the children in the classroom. Activities will have to be designed with the developmental level of each child considered. The various activities range from basic sorting and labelling to puzzle work.

Babies are not idle. From, the beginning, an infant learns about his or her environment by responding to faces, voices, and other stimuli. The infant also produces sounds and movements, which develop into language skills and sensor motor skills. One of the most important ways in which infants and toddlers can learn and develop is through play activities. These activities can help a child to develop physical, intellectual, and social skills. Therefore, as a caregiver, we will provide a variety of activities for even the youngest children in our care to help them achieve maximum development.

Kindergarten is the culmination of the preschool experience. Each child is an individual and we work with each to develop their skills, expand their knowledge and encourage an approach to learning that is interesting and exciting.